Where Is RHONJ’s Ashlee Holmes Malleo Today?

Getty Jacqueline Laurita and Ashlee Holmes Malleo from 2010

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Jacqueline Laurita starred on the Bravo franchise from seasons one through five and then again on season seven. Over the years, Laurita introduced the world to her daughter, Ashlee Holmes Malleo.

She first appeared on RHONJ as an uncertain, rambunctious, and confused teenager. Fans witnessed countless arguments between between Malleo and her mother over jobs, lifestyle choices, and attitude growth. But towards the end of her time on RHONJ, Malleo grew up, moved to California, and eventually moved back home to settle down.

Malleo got engaged to Pete Malleo in February 2016, and they announced they were pregnant one month later. RHONJ captured their engagement and pregnancy announcement on season seven. The two then welcomed Cameron Hendrix Malleo together in August 2016, and they tied the knot in August 2018, per Bravo.

The 30-year-old mom has also pursued her career passion. Malleo now works as a professional makeup artist in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also has a website and YouTube channel dedicated to her brand focusing on her family, wellness, food, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

Ashlee Holmes Malleo & Pete Malleo Revealed Their Relationship Status

Unfortunately, Malleo’s relationship with her beau didn’t last. Ashlee Holmes Malleo shared an update that her and her husband had decided to separate in July 2020.

“I’ve been trying to find the right words to share this news,” she posted on her Instagram Story on July 22, as recorded by the Daily Dish. “It’s something that has been weighing pretty heavy on my heart, and I feel that it’s best for my healing process to just put it out there. A lot of you have sent me so many messages over the last few months. Some of you have even left comments on certain posts of mine with speculation.

She continued writing, “I’ve always been an incredibly open and honest person. Although no one is entitled to the details of my private life, I have always chosen to share them with you. I acknowledge and understand the fact that such a significant part of my life has been documented on television. Those of you who follow my husband Pete and I on social media have naturally become invested in our lives over the years. That being said, Pete and I have decided to separate.”

The two still coparent Cameron Hendrix Malleo, who is now four-and-a-half years-old. “Pete and I have been through so much together over the last ten years of our lives as not only best friends, but partners in navigating parenthood,” she wrote. “This was a difficult decision for us. We intend to always be in each other’s lives, and continue to support one another as we grow as individuals. We will continue being loving, dedicated parents to our son Cameron, who we both love more than anything.”

The former couple have continued to prioritize their coparenting relationship. Malleo has since moved to Nevada to be closer with her mom. Pete Malleo makes an effort to visit, and both parents frequently visit one another.

Ashlee Holmes Malleo Recently Faced a Health Scare

Malleo welcomed 2021 with a health scare. The mom shared with fans via Instagram that one of her doctors found a lump in one of her breasts. “Breast cancer does run in my family, so it was pretty unsettling to me that she found a lump,” Malleo wrote on Instagram on January 19. “They scheduled me for a mammogram as well as an ultrasound. (If you have dense breasts like me, ultrasound is much more helpful).”

She continued describing her experience writing, “After my mammogram [and] ultrasound, the doctor said I could either come back in a few months and they could see if it had changed, or go ahead with a biopsy to be safe. We decided on the biopsy. I went in for my ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy last Thursday, and they took 3 samples.”

Fortunately, Malleo’s health scare was just a scare. “Today, I received my results,” she wrote. “IT CAME BACK NEGATIVE! It’s a fibroadenoma, which is benign. Although I’m still going to be seeing a breast specialist to follow up and discuss possibly removing it… I feel SO relieved.”

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