Bethenny Frankel Accused of Gaslighting

Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel was called out by Courtney Stodden soon after the former “Real Housewives of New York City” star criticized the Kardashians for sharing “distorted” beauty ideals.

Stodden, 28, ripped Frankel for comments the Skinnygirl founder made during Stodden’s appearance on Frankel’s talk show back in 2013. The model opened up about the experience on Instagram, where they shared a clip of the interview and wrote, “How are you @bethennyfrankel for girls/women when you made me feel so mocked on your show when I was 19?” Stodden added:

I canceled all my other interviews in nyc and immediately returned back to LA crying my eyes out. She didn’t try to help me, she allowed members of her audience to laugh at me.

It hurt me deeply. That also causes insecurities, depression which added to MY own eating disorder. Idk, it’s just hypocritical. I felt like I had to say ‘I don’t read or write’ when she was mockingly asking about my book. I was about to bust out in tears half way through. It’s something I haven’t forgotten

Stodden said they’re doing fine now but Frankel’s stance of “championing women” and supporting women was rubbing them the wrong way. “Hmm @bethennyfrankel maybe you should let @kimkardashian be @kimkardashian #womensupportingwomen.”

Stodden, who appeared on Frankel’s show when they were 19 years old, was criticized by Frankel over their look at the talk show. “You said earlier that you want to go back to being a 19-year-old,” Frankel told Stodden. “You come in looking like you could be at a strip club. You look very promiscuous, and you look like the next move should be to do a porn video … if this is the way you’re marketing yourself.”

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Stodden Shared an Apology That Frankel Sent Them & Criticized the Former Bravo Star for Her Comments

Courtney Stodden Jokes, 'I Don't Read or Write!'The sexy reality star, who's separated from her much older husband, says there is no book or reality show in her near future. "bethenny," the brand-new talk show starring Bethenny Frankel — businesswoman, bestselling author, and self-described "Queen of Too Much Information" — airs weekdays! To find out where the show airs in your town,…2013-11-15T16:31:26Z

Stodden later posted that they got a direct message from Frankel apologizing over her comments during their interview nearly a decade ago. “I just saw your post,” Frankel wrote to Stodden according to the screenshot shared by the model.

Frankel said she re-watched the interview and spoke about “business and branding” in her response, which seemed to indicate that she was standing by her comments. “Unfortunately, how we present ourselves is part of our branding and marketing,” Frankel wrote. “You were certainly marketing yourself differently than you are now, which seems to be working for you.”

The Skinnygirl founder also wrote, “I wish you luck in your endeavors… Perhaps our conversation did contribute to the positive path that you embarked on.”

Along with the screenshot of Frankel’s message, Stodden wrote in the caption what they thought of the comments: “She’s hunting women left and right. That conversation helped fan the flames of the public and internet fodder concerning my personal life. No @bethennyfrankel you do not deserve credit for my healing process! #mentalhealth #gaslit #womensupportingwomen.”

Fans Ripped Frankel For the Apology Message & Her Initial Comments

Many fans took to social media to criticize both Frankel’s original comments and her apology and expressed their support for Stodden. In a Reddit thread on the subject, someone wrote, “The treatment of Courtney back then sickens me. A child was blamed for dressing too sexy and not the grown man that married a minor (with parental permission!)” Another added, “Courtney was failed by many adults back then.” Someone agreed, “Courtney Stodden was treated horribly. Between Bethanny and Chrissy Teigen, it’s a wonder they have been able to come out of this okay.”

One person commented, “Eeeee this is not a good look for Bethenny.” Another said, “B’s unashamed blatant slut-shaming is jarring to watch.” One person wrote, “Bethenny is one of the biggest misogynists on bravo. She was constantly slut shaming.” Someone else wrote, “Ramona [Singer] was right when she said that Bethenny doesn’t support other women.”

Another commented, “The very least Bethenney can do is apologize and admit she was cruel to Courtney– a child who was abused and groomed.” Someone said, “This was waaaayyyy out of line from B. Too far. Too much. Way too much.” Another wrote, “I remember watching this episode and Bethenny was so gross to Courtney.”

Many people also slammed Frankel’s apology in the comments of Stodden’s Instagram post with the screenshot. “It’s so condescending,” someone said. Another person wrote, “Back handed apology.” Someone else agreed, “This is the worst apology ever.” One person commented, “What in the f****** gaslighting is this?!”

Several people blasted Frankel for her comments which seemed to take some credit for Stodden’s process. “Imagine taking credit for someone’s healing by talking crap about them,” one person commented. Someone else said, “Not her trying to take credit for your success PLEASE.” Another person agreed, “Omg taking credit for your hard work.. wow.” One person said, “Yikes! The narcissism is strong in this one!”

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