Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Ramona Singer

Bethenny Frankel

Getty Bethenny Frankel in 2019

Wow, Bethenny, wow. During a recent podcast, Bethenny Frankel called out Real Housewives of New York star, Ramona Singer.

According to Us Weekly, during a recent episode of Frankel’s podcast, Just B, Frankel went on a rant about plastic surgery and called Singer out while doing so. “When I get upset with people with all the filtering and all of the fake lives and pretending everything’s perfect and then they contour their waist, etc,” Frankel began on her podcast. “I just feel that that’s not truthful and it makes people feel bad about themselves. Someone like a Jane Fonda or when we knew that Demi Moore got the work — not that she said it — or even when Sonja [Morgan] from my show got a facelift like we’re happy for her! She said it. If you look good and you’re f–king 55 or 60 and you look young it’s not because you ate placentas or because you drank water or used ponds skincare.”


Ramona Singer Slammed Bethenny Frankel Ahead of Last Season’s ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Premiere

Even though Frankel may have recently slammed Singer on her podcast, Singer has also provoked her in the past. During a March 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, right before Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York was supposed to premiere, Singer insinuated that the season was better off without Frankel.

“Even though Bethenny is a very strong character, she’s well received by the viewers, by us, she is basically — we all walk on eggshells around her,” Singer told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “We couldn’t really be ourselves. She’s such a big personality, she kind of took over the room. No air left for us. And I think, this season, the fans will be surprised to see a different side of most of us. And listen, we still have our arguments, we still fight, but there’s a bond that’s different. There’s something so special and unique. Very unique.”

Singer continued about Frankel, “When we were filming, she’d be calling all the time. She’d be like, ‘What’s going on? What’s going on? What are you doing? What’s going on?’ It’s like she’d be calling us nonstop to find out the dirt on our group trips. I don’t know. FOMO, the fear of missing out, I guess. I can understand, when you’re so part of something, you know, it’s hard to disconnect.”

Ramona Singer Has Been Called out by Fans for Editing Her Photos on Instagram

It seems like many fans have agreed with Frankel’s take on Singer, as many have called her out on her Instagram page for her use of filters recently. On a photo Singer posted to her Instagram on November 21, one fan wrote, “Well she remembered to photoshop her neck this time! Does she really think people believe she looks like this in real life.”

Another user also called her out, writing, “Ha ha the photoshop is hilarious.”

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