Luann de Lesseps Disses Bethenny Frankel During Live Cabaret Show

Luann de Lesseps.

Getty Luann de Lesseps & Bethenny Frankel.

Luann de Lesseps doesn’t seem to be too impressed with her former “Real Housewives of New York” costar, Bethenny Frankel, these days.

In a new video posted to TikTok, one fan who attended Lesseps’ recent cabaret show tour captured a moment where the star dissed Frankel. Lesseps was talking about Frankel’s new “Real Housewives” re-watching podcast, “ReWives.”

“Then she comes back because her talk show failed,” Lesseps is seen saying about Frankel’s RHONY return during season 7 in the TikTok video posted by user @artsialexi. “Then she comes back and she’s on for a couple of seasons to try to rip my hair out. And then, she goes off and tries to do a show with HBO or something, and I don’t know if you guys saw that, it was like a Trump-esque kind of show where they had to build for Bethenny. You know, ‘You’re fired’ kind of thing.”


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Lesseps continued, “And that didn’t work. And now she’s doing a podcast. She wouldn’t even say the word, ‘Housewives.’ She would go on appearances and talk shows, and she would not say the word ‘Housewife’ because she wanted to distance herself, because she’s much bigger than a housewife now, right?”

During Frankel’s time on “The Real Housewives of New York,” she and Frankel definitely faced their fair share of ups and downs in their friendship. The two feuded when Lesseps got married to Tom D’Agostino in 2016, but when Lesseps needed an intervention in 2019, Frankel helped her pick up the pieces. However, as Lesseps seemed to suggest during her cabaret show, the two are not on good terms today.

Frankel was a cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York” during seasons 1 through 3 and then returned for seasons 7 through 11.

Luann De Lesseps Also Called Frankel’s New Podcast ‘Pathetic’

While appearing on a Nov. 4 episode of Danny Pellegrino’s “Everything Iconic” podcast, Lesseps labeled Frankel’s new podcast as “pathetic” and “sad.”

“Well, I think that she’s trying to grab the fame of Housewives to keep her storyline going,” Lesseps said while appearing on the podcast. “It sounds like a desperate search for a storyline for herself, and she’s thrown Housewives under the bus a million times.”

Lesseps also added, “That means she’s going to s*** on us on her little podcast about the Housewives. It’s pretty sad and pathetic that she has to resort to Housewives because of all of her failed pivots since the Housewives. She’s tried everything other than Housewives and it doesn’t seem to work, and now she’s going back to Housewives.”

However, Frankel maintained during a November 2022 interview with People that her “Real Housewives” podcast will be different than the rest.

“We don’t delve into that territory,” Frankel told the outlet at the time. “I wanted to do a rewatch podcast, but I didn’t want to do something derivative. I didn’t just want to rewatch a show, scene by scene. So I thought ‘How could I do this in an interesting way?’ — not just having another Housewife talk about it to me like others do, but instead delving deeper.”

Bethenny Frankel Has Responded to the Podcast Haters

Even though Frankel has received some backlash about her new podcast, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her. During a November 2022 interview with Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” Frankel hit back at the criticism she got from ex-costars like Lesseps and Carole Radziwill .

“Whatever their truth is is their truth, as has always been the case in their careers and lives,” Frankel said. “And I’m sorry that they’re having a hard time with it. It makes sense. It’s already very successful. It’s an incredible idea. It’s got buzz. It’s interesting, and you know I can’t apologize for having great ideas and being successful.”

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