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Bethenny Frankel was an instant hit on “The Real Housewives of New York City” but since her exit, fans have wondered whether they’d ever see her on their screens again, whether on RHONY, “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” or another reality TV show altogether.

In a wide-ranging interview with ET Online, Frankel said that she wasn’t sure she’d ever return to reality TV but that she wasn’t very interested in going back to the small screen. “I don’t know what my relationship to television is,” she shared. “I’ve been offered many TV shows and I’ve been approached by production companies,” she added.

“A show about a group of women, but I don’t want to get into too much detail … just different shows that seem like they would be good for me,” she spilled. “Oh, another one would be a version of a talk show. I don’t want to say exactly, but another version of a talk show. And I was kind of deep in negotiations on all of these and I just thought, ‘I just wanna get the content to the people. I don’t want to talk to suits or people in a room who are going to say every reason why it won’t work.'”

Frankel said she wanted to do things her own way. “Television is very crowded and very competitive and people are riddled with fear,” she shared. “And everything is copying something else.” The RHONY alum also shared that she likely wouldn’t ever go back to Bravo for RHUGT because her number is too high for the network.

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Bethenny Frankel Has Shared on a Few Occasions That She’s Unlikely to Return to Bravo for RHUGT

During her conversation with ET Online, Frankel reiterated her past comments about RHUGT and its upcoming 5th season, which was announced to be “RHONY Legacy.” She said there is a number for her to return to the show but that “Bravo could not afford the number it would take for me to go on an Ultimate Girls Trip.”

“You should not be holding your breath,” she concluded. Frankel’s comments echoed others that she made in the past about a possible return to Bravo. In December 2022, Frankel said the only way she’d return to Housewives would be if she were producing it and “if it were an astronomical amount of money and not an astronomical amount of time,” she told Decider.

Even Andy Cohen appears to be on the same page as Frankel as he said it didn’t make sense for the RHONY alum to appear on the “Legacy” series since she’s no longer friends with the other women from the cast. “I’m not sure given how she feels about the show at this point, that it even makes any sense [for her to return],” he shared with Us Weekly.

Bethenny Frankel Has a New YouTube Series That She Described as ‘Direct to Consumer’

Although Frankel seems to be over reality TV for now, she’s still interested in sharing her life and thoughts with fans and recently launched her own show, “Bethenny,” on YouTube, which she said is “direct to consumer.”

“I have something I wanna talk about, I think it’s important, ok let’s do it, it’s up two days later. It’s really freeing,” she described to ET Online. The YouTube series, which will drop new episodes on Wednesdays, follows Frankel as she goes shopping and tries new products while discussing interesting recent news.

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