Bethenny Frankel Slams Kardashian Business

Bethenny Frankel

Bravo Bethenny Frankel of RHONY.

Bethenny Frankel is mentioning it all.

In a recent August 8 TikTok video, Frankel reviewed Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line, SKNN, and did not hold anything back. The former “Real Housewives of New York” star commented on the eye cream ($75), and the exfoliator ($55), which are just two of the products out of a nine-step line.

“Any line that makes it like you really need to do all of the steps is just doing a smash-and-grab job because your skin is different every day,” Frankel began, holding up the circular-shaped eye cream. “The packaging–this is an eye cream. It’s bulbous, I don’t understand it because it doesn’t stack. I don’t have a circular house or medicine cabinet, it doesn’t even have a flat bottom, it’s effectively like an egg… that’s impractical at best.”

Frankel then moved on to the exfoliator, which is packaged in a large spheric container. “This is crazy,” Frankel said. “It’s gigantic. How are you gonna travel with this? If you don’t have a private plane, you have to be a billionaire to use this product, because if you don’t have a private plane, how are you traveling with this? It’s just not practical. I’m a very practical and organized person, so this shocks me, because don’t the Kardashians organize their jellybeans by color?”

Frankel continued, “Is it worth the money they’re charging? Unlikely. And as far as the eye cream, luxurious product, very nice, like a melted butter consistency, but not ultra-rich… it’s not Kardashian rich. It’s richer than I am, maybe, but it’s not Kardashian rich. This is definitely good skincare, it’s quality, I just think it’s extremely impractical in their packaging.”

Season 2 of “The Kardashians” is set to premiere on September 22 on Hulu

Frankel Has Criticized Kim Kardashian Before

This is not the first time that Frankel has spoken about Kim Kardashian on her social media pages. This past May, after the Met Gala, Frankel took to Instagram to talk about Kardashian’s weight loss before the event, as she revealed she shed 16 pounds in two weeks to fit into her outfit, which was a gold dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe.

“So, regarding the Met Gala drastic weight loss by Kim Kardashian, if you need to lose weight for a role, it’s your body, your choice,” Frankel said in the video posted on May 4.

The star continued, “But when you are the most photographed, famous person to walk this planet, who young women and mothers look to everything that you do and wear and say … to publicly say that you lost 16 pounds in two weeks to fit into a dress, the most superficial of reasons, is all wrong. Young girls hang on every word and outfit and lip gloss. And it’s incorrect.”

In the caption of the Instagram post, Frankel wrote, in part, “It’s time we started accepting reality and who we really are and what we really look like. It’s our responsibility to set a good example for young women & men. What we look like is the least interesting thing about us and that has become a faint memory.”

Frankel Has Been Open About Her Looks

In the past, Frankel has always been honest about her looks, especially on social media. In June 2022, Frankel posted an unfiltered bikini photo to her Instagram page, writing that she chooses “balance” at his point in her life.

“Here’s the unfortunate truth,” Frankel wrote in the caption. “I rarely exercise. I hate water. I prioritize sleep but fail. I eat whatever I want but I never binge. I run around like a lunatic with endless energy… in my 20s & 30s I dieted & exercised endlessly & was much heavier & less happy overall with my physical appearance. I have good skin but I sag in some places & am thin, but not in any notable muscular shape by anyone’s standards. I choose balance and happiness & doing the best that I can. When I’m 90 I won’t wish I exercised more, that’s for sure.”

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