Bo Dietl Releases Fiery Video Amid RHONJ Drama: WATCH

Bo Dietl.

Getty Images Bo Dietl is speaking out.

The name Bo Dietl was mentioned by Louie Ruelas on the final episode of season 13 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

During a scene on the finale, Ruelas tells a group of people at Dolores Catania‘s party that Dietl, a retired NYPD homicide detective who works as a private investigator, “knows s*** about everybody in this room.”

“Bo Dietl, who’s, like, one of the most famous private investigators in the country, one of my best friends, brought me information on each person in this group. There’s so much more,” Ruelas said.

Hours before his name was brought up on part 1 of the RHONJ reunion, which aired on May 30, 2023, Dietl released a video message on Instagram in an attempt to set the record straight about his involvement — or lack thereof — with the “Real Housewives” cast.

“I was never hired by Lou Ruelas for any investigation on any cast members,” Dietl says in the video, adding, “I want to set the story straight today.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Bo Dietl Says Louie Ruelas Had ‘No Right’ to ‘Abuse’ His Name

In the May 30 video, Dietl says he’s been in the PI business for 38 years and that he was never hired by Ruelas. He doesn’t seem too happy that Ruelas — who is (or was?) a friend of his — used his name on a reality television show.

“He had no right to abuse my name and tell these other people that I did investigations on them,” Dietl says in the video. He uses the remainder of the video to explain what his firm, Bo Dietl & Associates, does, including security.

The caption on Dietl’s post reiterated his displeasure with Ruelas’ comments.

“Firstly, you don’t get to work with the top C-Suites of the world’s greatest companies for 38 years digging up dirt on Housewives. Secondly, we take breaches of confidentiality very seriously and any disclosures of retainment of services require both client and firm to agree. This permission was never sought,” the caption read.

Bo Dietl Released a Statement in Mid-May in an Attempt to Clear His Name

This isn’t the first time Dietl has spoken out after he was named by Ruelas on RHONJ.

He told Entertainment Tonight in mid-May he had no business involvement with the RHONJ cast.

“The fact is, look, I know Louie and Teresa, I’ve known ’em for a long time, over the years. I’ve known them very well, I’ve been to their home for their housewarming of their home. I’m not part of this Housewives stuff,” Dietl told the outlet.

“All I really know is, I like Louie and I like Teresa. Now, all of a sudden, he gets into a beef with his brother-in-law, and the next thing he opens his mouth, and the brother-in-law knows he knows me, so what is he gonna say? ‘I got the most famous private investigator — I got dirt on every one of yous.’ It was all bologna and it never happened,” he added.

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