RHOBH Producer Says Brandi Glanville Probably Didn’t Lie About Denise Richards Affair

Brandi Glanville

Getty Brandi Glanville

A producer for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” revealed why he thinks Brandi Glanville told the truth about her relationship with Denise Richards.

In the new “Housewives” tell-all book, “Not All Diamonds and Rosé,” executive producer Chris Cullen said “RHOBH” producers weren’t sure what to make of Glanville’s claims that she hooked up with Richards during an overnight trip while the “Wild Things” star was married to Aaron Phypers.

Cullen said the production staff “did a lot of research” into the claims by rewatching Glanville’s old “RHOBH” episodes, per E! News. They came to the conclusion that Glanville has never lied on camera in the past.

Cullen pointed to examples that included Glanville blurting out that former co-star Adrienne Maloof used a surrogate to have her twins, and about Lisa Vanderpump’s tabloid tactics and Kim Richards falling off the wagon at a group party a decade ago.

“She told the truth about Adrienne, she told the truth about Lisa Vanderpump,” Cullen noted in the book. “People may not believe her, but she told the truth about Kim being a f***ing mess. She might have gotten her drug of choice wrong, but Kim was using again and fallen off the wagon. All of that was true. So, yes, the critics will say that Brandi is not credible and they will cite examples, but they are incorrect in what they’re citing. We don’t really have evidence of Brandi ever lying.”

Brandi Said Denise Richards Kept Her Quiet For Months

Brandi Glanville

Getty CompositeBrandi Glanville and Denise Richards

The story about Denise Richards surfaced during an “impromptu” gathering at Kyle Richards’ house that included Glanville and Kim Richards. In the memorable “RHOBH” episode, Glanville claimed she slept with Denise Richards in 2019 and that the morning after, Richards said her husband, Aaron Phypers, would “kill” her if he ever found out.

After Glanville spilled the story about Denise at Kyle’s house, she later showed receipts while at Teddi Mellencamp’s baby shower. At the shower, the “Unfiltered” podcast host passed around her phone to show flirty text messages she had from Denise.

In the book, Brandi reiterated that she told the truth about the affair.

“What happened with Denise and I happened — it f***ing happened,” Glanville said in an interview for “Not all Diamonds and Rosé,” per Hollywood Life. “She kept me quiet for seven months. Her entire career was built on being sexual, she is a sex bomb. And now all of a sudden, you’re motherf***ing Saint Teresa?”

Lisa Rinna Also Weighed in on Denise Richards in the Tell-All

Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards

GettyLisa Rinna and Denise Richards

In the “Housewives’ book, co-star Lisa Rinna revealed that producers orchestrated Glanville’s meetup at Kyle’s during a lull in story arcs. Rinna recalled that producers said, “Okay, we’re going to have a party at Kyle’s and we’re just going to invite everybody and we’re going to bring out all the O.G.s because nothing is going on.”

While Richards repeatedly denied Glanville’s claims about their relationship, Rinna also said that at BravoCon, she “heard” that Denise went out with some of the ladies from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and tried to hook up with them.

‘She’s one of the fakest, phoniest people that I’ve ever come across,” Rinna said in the book, according to TooFab.  “I have never had anybody lie to me as deeply as Denise has.”

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9 months ago

Bullsh*t That is the Same Line Kyle Said about Brandi When it Suited Her. Brandi Lied All the Time. Unless She wasn’t Lying about Kim being a Meth Head or Mauricio Cheating on Kyle.

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