Brandi Glanville Ripped by Former Bravo Star: ‘You’re a Psychopath’

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Kelly Dodd ripped into Brandi Glanville on the January 5, 2023, episode of her daily talk show, “Rick and Kelly’s Daily Smash,” with her husband Rick Leventhal.

Dodd took issue with some of the comments Glanville made when she appeared as a guest co-host on “Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge,” filling in for Judge. Dodd explained on her show that a fan had asked her if she’d listened to the podcast and she showed a screenshot of her response to that person, which said, “No I don’t listen to morons. Thanks. I don’t want to lose brain cells. Teddi is one big clout chaser.”

However, the former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star said that she and Leventhal then decided to listen to the episode and that she was really annoyed by it. Dodd said Glanville’s story about why Dodd didn’t appear on her own podcast, “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered,” was untrue.

Dodd walked viewers through the timeline of what happened from her perspective and later slammed Glanville for saying on “Two Ts In A Pod” that her children were the most important thing to her. “Do you take accountability of your actions when you’re out there acting drunk, kissing other women, naked everywhere, posing naked with the book and showing your tits everywhere?” Dodd called out Glanville.

“You know how embarrassing that is for your sons to see a h* for a mom I mean, come on, you really care about your kids?” she continued. “You know what you care about, you care about yourself. You’re a psychopath and you don’t give two s***s about your kids.”

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Brandi Glanville Said She Canceled Kelly Dodd’s Appearance on Her Podcast  the Same Day Because of Her Son’s Medical Emergency

It all started when Glanville shared with Mellencamp on “Two Ts In A Pod” that she’d had a bad experience with Dodd that “turned [her] off” the former Bravo star.

Glanville claimed that Dodd was supposed to appear on her podcast but she had to cancel it on the same day due to her son’s medical emergency. That’s when Glanville explained that her children are the most important to her, which prompted Dodd’s comments about the RHOBH star as a mother.

On “Two Ts,” Glanville explained to listeners that she told Dodd not to say anything about her son’s health issues as she wanted to keep it private but that Dodd spoke about it. “So she’s no longer invited to my podcast,” Glanville said, “so they can just go and talk s*** about everyone.”

Kelly Dodd Denied Brandi Glanville’s Claims & Said the Podcast Appearance Was Canceled 2 Days Prior & That She Never Spoke About Glanville’s Son’s Medical Emergency

Dodd and Leventhal played snippets of the “Two Ts” podcast on “Daily Smash,” during which Dodd said she had receipts proving that Glanville was lying, calling her a “stupid idiot.”

Dodd said her appearance on Glanville’s podcast was scheduled for December 28 but that she got an email to cancel it on two days before, on the 26th. Later on the 26, Dodd said Glanville posted the infamous video of her hand holding a diamond, which many people assumed was teasing a return to RHOBH.

Dodd said she believes that Glanville canceled because she didn’t want to be associated with Dodd ahead of a possible return to RHOBH. Dodd claimed that she messaged the Bravo star to congratulate her and to ask if the podcast was canceled because she was “scared,” and showed an apparent screenshot of the conversation.

The screenshot seemed to show Glanville replying that she wasn’t back on RHOBH and had to cancel the podcast because her son was in the hospital and asked Dodd to keep it private. Dodd appeared to reply saying, “Omg of course. I hope your son is ok.” Leventhal and Dodd then played a clip of their show from the following day, which stated that Dodd would no longer be on the podcast due to a “family thing.”

Dodd said she never shared the news about Glanville’s son’s health until after the RHOBH star tweeted about it. “I’m not allowed to go back on your podcast, girl I have more followers than you on Instagram you dumb b****,” Dodd said and slammed the reality star as a “complete idiot liar.”

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