Brandi Glanville Strikes Up Feud With Another Real Housewife

Brandi Glanville

Getty Brandi Glanville in 2015

It looks like former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has found herself in the midst of another feud, and this time, it’s with friend Kim Richards.

During a November 27 episode of her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, Glanville revealed that she and Kim Richards are no longer speaking. “Kim Richards is still not talking to me,” Glanville revealed during the podcast. “She said that she was upset about this threesome rumor. And I said, ‘are you joking?'”

According to Us Weekly, the rumor that Glanville had a threesome with Richards began to spread after a podcast host named Zack Peter spoke about it on an episode of his podcast. Peter claimed that a source had told him that Glanville had a threesome with both Richards and an unidentified man.

“I think it all started when I put up a picture of Carlton [Gebbia], Kim, and I,” Glanville explained during the episode. “Those are two of my favorite girls. They’re people I’m actually friends with. And that’s where I think it all started. I’m going to make this clear, I’ve never had a threesome with Kim and Carlton, never with Kim, ever. We are just friends.”

Glanville Has Spoken About the Alleged Threesome on Twitter

Glanville has also taken to her Twitter account to debunk rumors about the alleged threesome. In a November 18 tweet, Glanville even accused Denise Richards of giving the information to the blogs. “Dear whoever represents @DeniseRichards for PR & continues to feed untruths to the blogs,” Glanville wrote. “I have NEVER had a threesome with @KimRichards11-She is one of my best friends & that’s it. This is hurting our friendship please STOP!!”

On November 15, Glanville tweeted again about the rumor. Glanville wrote, “I have NEVER had a threesome with @KimRichards11 unless you count her 30lb cat that sleeps on my chest when we have girls nights.”

Glanville and the Richards Family Patched Things up Last Year

When Glanville and Kim Richards became friends again, some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans were taken by surprise. Glanville and Kim Richards fought a lot when they were on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together, and Glanville also fought with her sister, Kyle Richards. However, Glanville revealed during an October 2019 episode of Watch What Happens Live that they had patched things up. “From [The Real Housewives of] Beverly Hills, the first time in forever, Kim, Kyle, and I are all friends at the same time. It’s shocking,” Glanville said, according to Bravo.

During an April 2019 interview with E!, Kyle Richards also spoke about her budding friendship with Glanville. “I bumped into her at Christmastime at the post office and it was, ‘Hi, how are you?,’ and she was just really nice,” Richards explained. “She’s always watching the show and she’s kind of put in her two cents about watching this season. She’s just really nice and I left there and I thought, ‘You know, life is too short. You gotta let bygones be bygones.'”

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