Brandi Glanville Admits She Threatened to ‘Murder’ LeAnn Rimes

Getty Images Brandi Glanville (L) & LeAnn Rimes (R).

Affairs are never easy to deal with but Brandi Glanville admits that she took things to another level. The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star opened up about her previous marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian in an op-ed for The Sun.

Glanville and Cibrian had been married for about eight years and had two sons together when he fell in love with country singer LeAnn Rimes. The two had been working together on the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” when they ended up falling for each other — both married to other people at the time.

Cibrian and Rimes wanted to be together, so they both ended up breaking things off with their respective spouses. The move is one that Glanville will not soon forget — and she admits that she took it very hard.

“There was video footage of them kissing over the table. It was devastating. I went straight home, passed out in my closet, cried and cried,” she recalled. “He tried to convince me it wasn’t real but I knew it was over. They were sucking on each other’s fingers in the footage yet he was telling me nothing was happening. It was insane. I asked him if he loved LeAnn. He said he didn’t — he wanted to be with me for ever and for us to go for counseling,” Glanville recalls.

And, as devastated as she was, she admitted that she was also angry. So angry, in fact, that she wanted to “kill” Rimes. She also admitted that her kids are the reason that she’s still here. “I was broken. If I didn’t have to take care of my kids, I probably wouldn’t be here now,” she shared.

Here’s what you need to know:

Glanville Recalls a Time When She Wanted to ‘Kill’ Rimes

Coping with a divorce is hard enough, but when there’s another woman involved — and you have children — well, many would argue that things can become more complicated very quickly.

For Glanville, however, her anger really took over, especially one time in particular when Glanville saw Rimes holding one of her boys.

“One time, before they were married, I walked up to a soccer game and Jake, who was two, was sitting in her lap. I had this rage in my body. I really wanted to kill her. I walked over to her, grabbed Jake and I looked at her and said: ‘I will f*cking murder you,'” Glanville wrote.

“I didn’t cope well. I was angry, I was drinking — chardonnay was my crutch. I was so mad at Eddie for blowing up our life together,” she added.

Glanville & Rimes Get Along Much Better These Days

It took some time, but Glanville and Rimes have put their differences aside, and they actually get along quite well these days.

“This took time and 10 years. And I think that LeAnn grew up a lot, and I know that I’ve grown a lot. We just we’ve grown up. We’re not little brats anymore,” Glanville told Entertainment Tonight in April 2021.

“We’re, like, girly girls, we talk about everything and it’s all fine and great. Honestly, there’s no weirdness, there’s no awkwardness. The kids are super happy when we’re all together and it’s finally good,” she added.

In her op-ed in The Sun, Glanville writes, “Not telling anyone was eating me alive, so I just had to get it out so I could breathe. Now I’m over it and people need to get over it too.”

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