Braunwyn Windham-Burke & Girlfriend Kris’ Age Difference

Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Getty Braunwyn Windham-Burke in 2019

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke has a new love interest, and she’s not afraid to show her off. Windham-Burke shared with fans that she identifies as a lesbian in an interview with GLAAD on December 2. Later that day, she introduced fans to her girlfriend Kris. Windham-Burke posted a selfie of the two of them with a heart and a rainbow flag on her Instagram Story, as seen below.

“I met someone that I was interested in pursuing a relationship with,” Windham-Burke told GLAAD. “It became something that I didn’t want to hide anymore and I didn’t want to keep secret anymore.”

Windham-Burke has not posted an Instagram photo with Kris, but paparazzi has spotted the duo together. Two weeks after she announced she identifies as a lesbian and posted an Instagram Story with Kris, photos emerged of the two of them getting their PDA on at the beach.

The RHOC star has not disclosed personal details of her girlfriend, including her age. Windham-Burke is 43-years-old, and she shared that Kris is 28-years-old on the second part of the RHOC reunion. The two then share a 15-year-age gap.

Windham-Burke and her husband Sean Burke have been married for 26 years. The two share seven kids together: Bella, 20, Rowan, 18, Jacob, 15, 7-year-old twins Caden and Curren, Koa, 5, and Hazel, 2.

When asked how her girlfriend gets along with her family, Windham-Burke said, per Distractify, “I mean, we go to parties together! She came over the other night, hung out with the family, had dinner with us. I mean, it’s only as weird as you make it.”

Windham-Burke Revealed How She Met Her Girlfriend

Windham-Burke appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday, January 13. When Cohen asked Windham-Burke how she met her girlfriend Kris, she responded, “On Tinder.” She elaborated saying, “My girlfriends set up a fake account for me, and kind of pre-dated some people. And I met her on Tinder.”

Cohen also asked Windham-Burke, “What was the catalyst for you to publicly come out?” Windham-Burke responded, “There was a photo that TMZ had, and they gave me the consideration to tell the story in my own terms first.”

Windham-Burke Is Trying to Make Her ‘Open Marriage’ Work

Although Windham-Burke and her husband Sean Burke are both dating other people, the two are tying to make their marriage successful. “We want to have an open marriage and we want to be able to do it honestly and not have our feelings hurt I am very open with him,” she told Us Weekly. “I have big fears of abandonment from when I was a child. So my jealousy, my things, we’re working on them. We’re working on them so that we can get to a healthy place. I do think we’re going to get there. I really do, because we have the communication, we have the trust, we have a great therapist and we both have a similar goal for our future, which is sitting there in Hawaii, watching our grandkids play.”

“We’re working through this,” Windham-Burke said on Instagram, via People. “We can’t figure this out on our own. This is a lot. We’re a little bit crazy, but this is hard and we’re working it out…I am kind of a jealous person. Sean knows this, we talk about it in therapy. This is actually the biggest thing we’re working on in therapy.”

She added saying, “This is me trying to balance the feelings and emotion of two people I really care about, and I think trying to keep some things private is a big part of that.” Windham-Burke revisited that they have no plans at the moment to divorce.

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