Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson & Her Husband Are Moving

Briana Culberson and Ryan Culberson in 2017.

Getty Briana Culberson and Ryan Culberson in 2017.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” personality Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson, wed her husband, Ryan Culberson, in 2011. The couple shares four children, Troy, Owen, Hank, and Cora. After ten years of marriage, Briana and her husband decided to move to Gunvalson’s home state, Illinois. In a March 9 Instagram post, Ryan shared that he and his family are in the process of moving again. The picture showed the father of four posing in front of an enclosed trailer while giving a thumbs up. In the caption, the retired marine shared that his children are excited about the move. He also noted that he is not revealing the address of his new home. 

“Yes we’re moving. Yes, the kids are pumped. Yes it’s all positive. No I’m not sending you the address. Super excited! 🤘,” wrote Ryan. 

In the comments section of Ryan’s March 10 Instagram post, a fan inquired if he is “moving somewhere warm.” Ryan replied, “yes,” but noted the new location is not as warm as Florida. The father of four also revealed that deer will be present on his property in the comments section of his March 22 Instagram post

Briana Culberson Spoke About Her Move to Illinois in 2021

Briana spoke about moving to Illinois in a June 2021 interview on her mother’s podcast, “Reality With Vicki.” She noted that she and her husband often move and shared they had not yet found their “forever home.” The mother of four also revealed she enjoyed living in Illinois as she was “so close to family,” who have a strong presence in her children’s lives. 

The former reality television personality also stated she believed living in the Midwest has enabled her to focus on her family. 

“The values are just a little different. We have dinner together every night at the table,” said Briana. “We spend good quality time together. It’s not so much like the go, go, go. I love that. And we all do that but you have to have a good balance. Here it is all about kids going to sports and coming home eating a pot roast and going to bed, it’s just simple real people. Real like wholesome.”

While recording the “Reality With Vicki” podcast episode, Gunvalson asserted that she is proud of Briana and her son, Michael Wolfsmith’s achievements. 

“Whenever I start to think about how proud I am of you, I start to well up because as a parent you do your very best and those who are listening you do your very best to raise good quality people and sometimes it’s the roll of the dice,” explained Gunvalson. 

She then thanked her daughter “for being such a good role model for so many people.”

Vicki Gunvalson Often Shares Pictures of Her Grandchildren on Social Media

Gunvalson often shares pictures of Briana’s family on her Instagram account. For instance, on October 24, 2022, the RHOC personality uploaded a picture that featured Troy and Owen wearing football uniforms while holding their younger siblings. 

“My grandchildren are growing up so fast. Troy 10, Owen 8, Hank 23 months, Cora 8 months. The loves of my life ❤️,” read the caption. 

In December 2022, Gunvalson shared snaps with her Instagram followers that showed her celebrating Christmas with Briana, Ryan, and their children in Illinois. In the caption of the post, the 60-year-old revealed that her boyfriend, Michael, was not present at the family get-together. 

While speaking to Extra in June 2022, Gunvalson shared that Briana and her grandchildren have met Michael, who she began dating in January 2022. 

“He’s a good person, a good guy, so my daughter got along with him great. The grandkids call him the big guy because he’s big,” said the COTO Insurance and Financial Services founder. 

Gunvalson will have guest appearances in the upcoming seventeenth season of RHOC, which does not yet have a premiere date.

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