Brynn Whitfield Gives Update on Her Status With Bachelor Nation Hunk After Flirty WWHL Appearance

Brynn Whitfield Tyler Cameron

Heavy/Bravo Brynn Whitfield and Tyler Cameron on 'Watch What Happens Live."

Brynn Whitfield did not hide her attraction to Tyler Cameron when they appeared together on “Watch What Happens Live.”

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star and the Bachelor Nation hunk were face to face on the September 24, 2023 edition of Andy Cohen’s late-night show, and sparks were totally flying.

But while speaking on the “Give Them Lala” podcast, Whitfield admitted things didn’t go anywhere with Cameron after their flirty appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” – at least not yet.

“I regret that I didn’t like really shoot my shot with Tyler,” Whitfield told host Lala Kent in an interview that aired on September 26. “We hung out afterwards, but I didn’t like hardcore push it.”

Whitfield explained that she got a little quiet around Cameron off-camera. “I’m the biggest flirt in the world and I can be like… you know, when I start to actually like someone I start to get a little quiet. I’m actually like ‘hey what’s up, like, hey dude.’ … I kind of turn into a tomboy and get a little shy,’” she explained.

Whitefield shared that she did go out and have drinks with Cameron and that he did ask for her phone number. “He lives in Florida, I think he has a place in New York,” Whitfield added. “I always call him Cameron. I think his name is Tyler. Look, I don’t care what his name is!”

Here’s what you need to know:

Brynn Whitfield Had Chemistry on WWHL & Fans Were There For It

Cameron is best known for landing as the runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette,” while Whitfield is part of the newly revamped RHONY cast.

Early on during their joint WWHL appearance, Whitfield, 36, and Cameron, 30, revealed they are both single. They also told host Andy Cohen that they had just met backstage for the first time.

But that didn’t stop Cohen from issuing a compatibility test for the two. In a WWHL game designed to see if  Cameron and Whitfield should date, the Bravo host asked the two questions about first-date protocols, sexy qualities in a mate, prenuptial agreements, freak numbers, and more. The game was called “Let’s Get Brynntimate,” and Cameron and Whitfield matched up on several key answers.

Elsewhere during the broadcast, Whitfield noted that she is “ a tall glass of water.” “ So drink up b******,” she said, before announcing her height. “[I’m] 5 foot 10,” she said.

“I like that,” Cameron commented. “That’s great. We can do a lot with that.”

Fans reacted to the duo’s touchy-feely, back-and-forth banter in the comments section of a YouTube video from the segment. “Brynn and Tyler are sooo cute together omg,” one fan wrote. “These two have so much chemistry. Go for it! I ship them.”

While Whitfield admitted that she did not follow Cameron on social media, she told Cohen she was “familiar with all of his work.” But sometime after the “Watch What Happens Live” appearance she began following him on Instagram. As of this writing, Cameron also follows Whitfield on the social media platform.

Whitfield also shared a series of photos from her evening with Cameron, with the cheeky caption, “No comment 😌🙈😉”

Whitfield’s  RHONY co-star Jenna Lyons chimed in to comment, “Should I be concerned?❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥”

“They were so cute and flirty, hope something comes of this!” another fan wrote on a post of the two posted by Bravo. “Cute cute couple❤️❤️,” added another. “I’m here for this 😮.”

Brynn Whitfield Flirted With Tyler Cameron Before Meeting Him in Person

Whitfield flirted with Cameron online days before meeting him in the Bravo Clubhouse after Cameron and Cohen talked about her on “Radio Andy.”  When Cameron told Cohen that he’s currently single, the Bravo host began some matchmaking for him and Whitfield ahead of their meetup.

Cohen also admitted he became “excited” when the date to cast Cameron and Whitfield on a WWHL came together, and the two men talked about how beautiful and smart Whitfield is.

Whitfield posted a comment on an Instagram clip of the exchange. “Heart & ovaries officially activated😌😏,” she wrote in a flirty response that appeared to be directed to Cameron.

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