See How Much Camille Grammer’s Face Has Changed in ‘Then & Now’ Photos

Camille Grammer

Getty Images Fans react to Camille Grammer then vs now photos.

Camille Grammer appeared on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” during the show’s first two seasons. She decided to leave the show, however, in hopes of keeping her personal life off of television.

“I was not fired. I didn’t want to expose my personal life so much anymore. I had done that and was over that. I care very much for my family and children and that show tends to take me away from them. I really want to focus on them right now,” Grammer told E! News in 2012.

“I just chose to keep most things private in general. I’m in a good place and I’ve had such an interesting experience and such a learning experience being on this show. I’ve really enjoyed my time working with the girls and I will miss the camaraderie. I enjoyed the producers and Bravo. I’m upset about that part,” she added.

These days, Grammer tends to stir the RHOBH pot by making comments on social media. She’s fairly active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Meanwhile, on April 28, 2022, the Instagram account Bravo Then vs Now shared side-by-side photos of Grammer so that fans could see how much she has changed over the years.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Couldn’t Get Over How Great Grammer Looks Then & Now

In the older photo shared in the post, Grammer is sporting super thin eyebrows — a trend in the 90s — and had bleached blond hair. In her newer photo, Grammer’s eyebrows were a bit thicker and her hair is a bit darker.

Fans took to the comments section to react to Grammer’s face and style changes over the years.

“Gorgeous just beautiful,” one person wrote.

“Hasn’t aged,” someone else added.

“She has aged gracefully and looks amazing,” a third comment read.

“Beautiful then and now,” a fourth Instagram user said.

In 2010, Grammer opened up about what kind of work she’s had done. The key to staying youthful? Well, in Grammer’s case, it may just be Botox.

“Oh god, what have I done? Let’s see, obviously I’ve had a breast augmentation and…Botox absolutely…just a crock full of Botox,” she told Judith Regan on her Sirius XM Radio show, according to Huff Post.

Grammer Is a Cancer Survivor

Grammer is a two-time cancer survivor. In 2003, she was diagnosed with Stage II Endometrial Cancer and had a radical hysterectomy, according to People magazine.

In2017, the former reality star was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer.

“Cancer really stinks. It’s unfortunate it runs in my family. I was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome 15 years ago, so I have a genetic disposition to cancer. My mom had it also and her mom and unfortunately, these cancers seem to come along with the territory,” Grammer told People.

“Early detection is key,” Grammer continued, adding, “many people, if something shows up like this, they’ll ignore it. They’ll think, ‘Oh it’s a mole, it’s a pimple, it’s a rash, it’s an ingrown hair from shaving.’ … This isn’t an aggressive cancer, but if it goes undetected, it could spread and metastasize to the lymph nodes and other organs close to the area. I’m lucky we found it early.”

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