Bravo TV & Andy Cohen Get Blasted by Former Housewife

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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Camille Meyer – formerly known as Camille Grammer – slammed Bravo and Andy Cohen on Twitter on October 15. The OG RHOBH member has shaded other current and former Real Housewives cast members in the past. Meyer appeared on the first two seasons of the show, but she has recently appeared on the show as a friend.

The 52-year-old spoke out via Twitter and criticized Andy Cohen. The first episode of RHOBH premiered a little over ten years ago, and a fan tweeted that there should be, “an OG cast sit down to reflect on the past decade of tears, tiaras and tantrums.” Meyer responded saying, “I believe people would watch it but Andy needs to be fair to all of that was to happen.”

Meyer also retweeted an older video of Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick talking about Meyer’s house burning down in 2019. Resnick tells Richards, “Well she’s probably going to come out of this being a much nicer girl,” and Richards agrees. Meyer retweeted the video with the caption, “Yes, this is the clip. It’s mean and hurtful.” One fan responded to it and asked why Richards is still on the show and insinuated that Bravo plays favorites. “Bravo does play favorites. No lies here,” Meyer responded.

Another fan tweeted that Meyer suffered when she told Bravo the second season of RHOBH shouldn’t air. The season featured former RHOBH cast member Taylor Armstrong dealing with both her husband’s physical abuse and his death by suicide. “She was demoted in S3,” the fan tweeted, “Coincidence? I don’t think so.” Meyer responded to the fan, writing, “True. How do you know this? I told the producers that show shouldn’t air because of how it may affect his children. I believe I was the only housewive that felt this way and expressed it.”

Camille Meyer Revealed Her Feelings Towards Kyle Richards

GettyCamille Meyer got remarried in 2018

While responding to rans tweets, Meyer addressed her relationship with Kyle Richards. Meyer got remarried to David Meyer in 2018 and asked Richards to be one of her bridesmaids. She also invited current RHOBH cast members Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, and Teddi Mellencamp. Shortly after her wedding in the season 9 reunion, Richards and Meyer had a falling out.

A fan asked Meyer if she regretted having Richards as her bridesmaid after she had been, “exposed as being mean spirited and a total bully.” Meyer responded, “I believed when I asked her that we were friends but I was told otherwise at the reunion season 9. Teddi let me know that Kyle and I weren’t friends and I was hurt by that reveal. I thought we were in a better place.” Neither Richards nor Mellencamp has commented on the matter.

Meyer Has Addressed Tweets About Her Cast Members Before

GettyLisa Rinna and Camille Meyer haven’t made up yet.

Camille Meyer and Kyle Richards kept in touch after the season 9 reunion, and Meyer appeared on the latest season of RHOBH. Meyer asked Richards to talk about what had happened between the two of them, and Meyer’s series of tweets came up. During season 9 and after, Meyer tweeted various negative claims about the cast members.

When Richards asked Meyer why she got so upset, Meyer told her, “I was so angry at Denise. The whole issue about drinking came up with her.” In the season 9 reunion, Denise Richards asked the ladies if Meyer is on something.

Richards responded saying, “I really was confused by that and it made me not trust what comes out of your mouth because I don’t know if you’re saying something nice if it’s genuine, or if you say something mean, you really feel that, even. You’re saying one thing to one person, and another thing to someone else.” Meyer apologized for her tweets, and the two appeared to make up.

When Meyer tried to make her way back into the RHOBH circle, things didn’t go as planned. Kyle Richards invited Meyer to her annual fundraising black and white party, and many of the women gave her the cold shoulder. Lisa Rinna told Meyer, “Camille, you were an a****** on Twitter. I’m going to say that to you, but it’s nice to see you. I don’t need beef with you, but you were an a****** on Twitter. I didn’t like that.”

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