Real Housewives of Potomac Star Shades Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams

Getty Porsha Williams in 2016

During a recent podcast appearance, Real Housewives of Potomac’s Candiace Dillard put Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams on blast.

While appearing on a recent episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast with David Yontef, Dillard slammed Williams for siding with her enemy Monique Samuels in their feud, which resulted in a physical altercation during this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. “I guess Monique would be Porsha’s sidekick, and [they’re] just the two wild people defending each other, which is very cute,” Dillard said while on the podcast. “But, you know the line when you have sense, and as I like to say, ‘scruples.’ And when you don’t, it shows. It shows how you were raised and who you really are.”

Dillard also dished about other altercations that have happened on The Real Housewives and used the RHOA Season Six fight between Williams and Kenya Moore as an example. “I think Porsha and Kenya kind of took it too far,” Dillard said. “So you’ve seen people push the line, but never really cross it outside of Porsha who has proven herself to be the sidekick of all.”

Porsha Williams Defended Monique Samuels During Multiple Episodes of ‘Bravo’s Chat Room’

During an October 2020 episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, Williams defended Samuels in the fight between her and Dillard. “Come on, Candiace, you know better than that,” Williams said during the talk show episode. “You actually had a knife at Ashley. Now, what if Ashley would have gone and called the police and tried to press charges on you? Let’s be real now. That was your friend, you had an argument, it did not end well, however, don’t go to the next level.  I think that was too much. And I’m glad you spoke up, Gizelle.”

According to Page Six, Williams also added, “She [Monique] felt like, the whole reason Candiace was suing her was to pay for her mom’s house. She was suing because it was a money grab.”

Williams then defended Samuels again during a November 2020 episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, when costar Gizelle Bryant asked her how she felt about people comparing the Real Housewives of Potomac fight to her Real Housewives of Atlanta one. “Now, in my situation, I felt provoked, and that’s a personal feeling,” Williams said. “I personally felt provoked and pushed to that level. Now, Monique, she may feel that way as well. I just feel like in her case, it kind of built up and I just feel like we shouldn’t judge her on the actual action.”

Candiace Dillard Warned Porsha Williams to ‘Be Careful’

After Dillard’s appearance on the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef, she spoke to Page Six about her problems with Williams. “I responded in an interview because it’s one thing for you to defend your friend, it’s one thing to talk general smack about me in defense of your friend, but when you flat out lie, yes, I’m going to address it,” Dillard said about Williams’ prior defense of Samuels and her claims that Dillard was suing for money.

Dillard continued, “She should be careful about the lies that she tells. It’s a very dangerous move.”

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