Real Housewives Star Details Kiss With Liam Neeson


Getty RHONY cast in 2016

In a new essay, former Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill claims that she shared a kiss with actor Liam Neeson years ago during a holiday party at Andy Cohen’s house.

In the essay, which was recently published in Town & Country, Radziwill detailed the encounter, which she said started when another man bumped into her, causing her to spill her cup of eggnog. “He put his huge hand on my arm to steady me, and then I could hear his deep Rob Roy Irish voice: ‘Hey, listen. If you can’t watch where you’re going I’m going to have to ask you to leave,'” Radziwill wrote. “Liam was going to ask this stranger to leave and it wasn’t even his apartment!”

Radziwill explained that from there, a conversation between the two of them took off. Radziwill detailed that she and Neeson spoke about their holiday plans and late spouses, but it quickly turned flirty. “I can’t recall if there was a lull in the conversation, but I do know at one point he leaned in,” Radziwill wrote. “‘Would you mind if I kissed you?’ he asked. I said, ‘Sure.’ Before I fell asleep that night, I thought of a million things to say besides ‘Sure.’ He kissed me anyway. Not a French kiss, but a longer-than-hello one.”

After Cohen’s holiday party, Radziwill began searching for ways to get in contact with Neeson but was unsuccessful until she ran into him nearly two years later during a taping of Watch What Happens Live. However, by that time, Radziwill had come to a conclusion. “Liam, I realized, had unexpectedly crystallized something for me—while I desired a manly man, I did not need one,” Radizwill wrote. “And that, ladies, is a world of difference.”

Carole Radziwill Said That She Left ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ to Return to Journalism

While it may seem surprising to some that Radziwill penned an essay for Town & Country, she spent many years working as a journalist. Before The Real Housewives of New York, she worked for ABC News and has written two books, What Remains and The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating.

In fact, when Radziwill left The Real Housewives of New York ahead of Season 11, she said that she wanted to return to her journalism career. “After six seasons on Bravo’s RHONYC, I have decided to return to what I do best — journalism and producing,” she said to Bravo’s The Daily Dish at the time. “I am sure this does not come as a surprise to any of the viewers, all of whom have been supportive, encouraging, and kind. My original curiosity about reality television has waned over the years and I am focusing on TV and writing projects that better suit my more steady temperament. I have worked with amazing producers, made great friends, and I’m thrilled to leave frenemies behind.”

Carole Radziwill Still Keeps in Touch With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Even though Radziwill may not have kept in touch with Neeson, she still keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy. According to Bravo, earlier this summer, the two spent some time together during a trip to Dorinda Medley’s house in The Berkshires.

During an appearance on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast in February, Radziwill revealed that the two are still good friends. “We’re really good friends and he’s great,” Radziwill said while on the podcast, according to Bravo.

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