Caroline Manzo Dragged for Controversial Comment About Wearing Bathing Suits in Front of Her Sons

Caroline Manzo.

Getty Images Caroline Manzo made a controversial comment on her son's podcast.

Caroline Manzo is making waves on the internet following an interview in which she said something that some fans found “weird.”

Caroline and her husband Albert Manzo sat down for a chat with their son Albie Manzo on his “Dear Albie” podcast. On the July 15, 2022, episode, the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star talked a bit about how she is mindful about wearing a bathing suit in front of her kids — particularly her two sons.

The discussion came up when someone wrote in to ask Albie about her father’s upcoming body building competition. “My dad used to be a bodybuilder before he had kids. Now he’s 60 and I’m 23 and he’s decided to get back into it,” the message from the anonymous person read. She went on to say that she’s super happy for her dad and that she’s planning on attending the event. However, seeing her dad wearing next to nothing is bothering her. “The only stumper here is where do I look when he’s on stage?” she asked, wondering how she could be “supportive and not uncomfortable.”

Albie and his parents responded to this question head on, but Caroline’s input had some fans scratching their heads.

Here’s what you need to know:

Caroline Discussed How She Feels Wearing a Bathing Suit Around Her 2 Sons

In an effort to relate to the listener’s question, Caroline talked about how she felt when putting on a swimsuit around her boys. Caroline said that people “often” ask her about wearing bathing suits around kids.

“I’m pretty conservative. Whatever. I’m certainly able to wear a bikini. I think you would agree to that, dad,” she said, looking for her husband’s approval. “But I would never wear one in front of my boys. Because I feel like it makes them uncomfortable,” she said.

She said that she wore a bikini when the kids were younger but that she wouldn’t do that at this point.

“Here’s the thing. You know, I am very aware of my boys. Even the way I dress with cleavage showing and stuff like that as they, you know, grew into their teen years and stuff like that,” Caroline said.

“Even if I wear a dress or something that’s cut pretty low, you or your brother will comment,” Caroline said to Albie.

The whole family agreed that the person who wrote in should be proud and supportive of her dad and that his lack of clothing is simply part of the sport.

Fans Reacted to Caroline’s Comments in a Reddit Thread

After a Redditor listened to the podcast, they started a new Reddit thread for others to discuss.

“Caroline said she has never worn a swimsuit in front of her boys, because it makes them uncomfortable. I’m sorry, what?” the Redditor wrote.

“That is so f****** weird,” one person commented.

“Thats sick. What I’m hearing is they view women as sexual objects so much, that any half naked woman could potentially be sexy… but since its their mother, that’s when its wrong,” someone else added.

“She has the weirdest f****** hangups. I am so glad she is not on TV anymore,” a third comment read.

“How ridiculous!!” a fourth social media user chimed in.

“This is honestly one of the most disturbing things I’ve read and I’m not exaggerating,” another commenter wrote.

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