“Real Housewives” Star Talks Lindsay Lohan Potentially Joining Franchise

Lindsay Lohan

Getty Lindsay Lohan.

Could actress Lindsay Lohan be the next “Real Housewives” star?

During an interview with Page Six that was published on May 31, new “Real Housewives of Dubai” star Caroline Stanbury said that she thinks Lohan would make a “great” star on the franchise, since she now resides in the UAE.

“I’ve known Lindsay for years,” Stanbury told Page Six. “She’s an actress. She’d be a great Housewife!”

Stanbury continued, telling the outlet, “I don’t think she’d want to do it. Her first love [is acting]… I actually spoke to her today. She’s doing a new movie and is super happy and has got her [‘Lohdown’] podcast. I can’t imagine she’d be joining us but happy to have her if she wants to.”

On June 1, Bravo premiered its first international “Real Housewives” series on the network, “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” The new franchise features former “Ladies of London” star Stanbury, Nina Ali, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Madani, and Lesa Milan.

Stanbury Said She’s a ‘Different Person’ Since She Last Appeared on Bravo

From 2014 to 2017, Stanbury starred in the “Ladies of London” on Bravo, which was a show that documented the lives of a group of friends living in London. After the show ended, Stanbury moved to Dubai with her then-husband, Cem Stanbury, and their three kids. However, the couple got divorced in 2019, and in December 2021, Stanbury married soccer player Sergio Carrallo.

“I’ve changed city,” Stanbury told Entertainment Tonight in an interview on May 31. “I’ve changed man. I’ve changed life. I’ve had a complete three… what is it? Like, 180? I’m just a different person. Everyone says I’m nicer, believe it or not. Maybe not my castmates…”

Stanbury and her new husband, Carallo, have a 20-year age difference, which definitely comes up as a topic on “The Real Housewives of Dubai.”

“I understand that being 20 years older, as a woman, isn’t normal,” Stanbury told the outlet. “It’s normally the men doing it, but as a mature woman, I think a lot of young men find us sexy. A lot of young men would do it. It’s just society tells us we can’t. Well, I’m here to say we can. And I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.”

Andy Cohen Is in Support of Lohan Joining the New Franchise

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight alongside pal Jerry O’Connell in November 2021, Andy Cohen didn’t seem to count out the idea of Lohan joining “The Real Housewives of Dubai” cast one day.

“Lindsay Lohan lives in Dubai, a Real Housewife potential, maybe Andy?” O’Connell asked Cohen. In response, Cohen said, “Let me tell you something. It’s a good idea, Jerry.”

At the time, Cohen also hyped up the new franchise, calling Dubai a “billionaire’s playground.”

“It’s a billionaire’s playground,” Cohen told the outlet. “They’re a group of friends. It’s great. We haven’t announced the cast yet. But we’re really excited about them. You gotta watch what happens. I’m very excited though, because as you say, it is like Vegas on steroids and the wealth there, I think, makes it something that people are going to be very curious about from the get-go.”

Viewers can catch brand new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Dubai” every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo.

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