Fans React to Cryptic Lisa Rinna Instagram Story

Lisa Rinna

Getty Lisa Rinna posted a cryptic Instagram Story.

Lisa Rinna was flamed for posting a cryptic post that fans think is aimed at “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kathy Hilton.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lisa Rinna Goes After an Unidentified Person on Instagram Story: ‘I See You, I Know Who You Really Are No Amount of Money Can Hide That’

Rinna promised to not post about Real Housewives stuff on her Instagram, but another post that fans think is pointed at Kathy Hilton has been shared.

On October 2, 2022, Rinna shared an Instagram Story with a long caption that said, “I see you, I know who you really are no amount of money can hide that. Your belief system is NOT my belief system. You have spent a lot of time money and effort trying to silence me, male the Bad guy but guess what honey, I’m like a cockroach and you can never get rid of me. I’m always gonna talk about it. The truth always comes out. Always.”

Despite no person being named, it seemed like the fans assumed it was about Hilton, who she is currently feuding with on RHOBH season 12.

Someone said, “Thankful accounts are calling her out. She’s so angry about destroying people. Not a good look. We as the fans are tired of this.”

“Wonder when Kyle will have had enough of her good friend terrorizing her sister,” a fan asked.

“This is pitiful, she says she is on vacation but she has done nothing but post about this nonstop. It must be difficult being this troubled,” another person pointed out.

“Can you imagine being in Europe and being on Instagram posting this sort of stuff?” a fan asked. “At her age doing this? She used to bug the crap out of me with her fake BS but now I pity her more & more. To be that emotionally stunted at 60. How dreadful for her family that their matriarch has the social grace of a 12 year old girl.”

“Also yes- why doesnt she just say all of what kathy said instead of hinting,” someone commented.

“She seems unhinged, I’m tired of seeing her nastiness,” another fan wrote.

“What happened to her (broken) promise of never speaking about RHOBH anymore?” someone asked.

Rinna Called out Hilton on the Show After Aspen Trip: ‘You’re Not Going to Get Away With It With Me’

Rinna and Hilton hashed out their issues on episode 20 of season 12 with Kyle Richards as the middle man.

“I’m sorry, Kathy. You’re not going to get away with it with me. You’re not going to get away with it,” Rinna said on the show. “You can have your tears, you can do what you’re going to do. But you did what you did and you’re not going to just gaslight and manipulate me right now.”

Hilton came back with an apology, “I’m not proud of it, OK? And I said things I don’t mean. That’s all I can say. Lisa, I apologize to you. I appreciate our conversation.”

Rinna has alleged that Hilton spoke about taking down the network, and had a “psychotic break.”

Rinna also said that Hilton said Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke are “pieces of s***” who should be “f****** fired” from the show and threatened Richards while they were on a cast trip to Aspen.

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Lori Williams
Lori Williams
1 month ago

Whatever Rinna had to say about anything between Hilton and Richards is none of her business!
I had a sister and we had big fights just like Hilton and Richards and we said nasty things. No matter what they are sisters and they love each other
Rinna doesn’t have a sister and when you have siblings it’s your business nobody and if she has no siblings she has no idea what it means to have sisters and brothers! We don’t care how she feels about how she had to say what happened between Hilton and Richards!
Rinna needs Keep her mouth Close!
She has something to say about Every one of them!
Somebody needs to talk about her mouth and how she hurts people all the time

Adrienne Mintzer
Adrienne Mintzer
1 month ago

I think Rinna did comment about Kathy’s meltdown. I don’t see why everyone is saying she didn’t. She said Kathy made specific comments about taking Kyle down etc.
And she pretty much said what Kathy said about the other women too. So why is everyone pretending she didn’t say it when she did? Other cast members were in the club when Kathy had the meltdown and they’ve commented on it too.

1 month ago

I’ve never seen someone take so much pleasure in destroying people. Destroying families. It’s scary and demonic to me.

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