Crystal Kung Minkoff Thinks ‘It’s Pretty Obvious’ Who Leaked Stories About RHOBH

Crystal Kung Minkoff at the 2023 BravoCon.

NBCUniversal Crystal Kung Minkoff at the 2023 BravoCon.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Crystal Kung Minkoff teased that she knows the identity of the individual responsible for leaking stories about the show to the press during its 12th season.

During a November 2023 appearance on Scheana Shay‘s podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star mentioned that outlets reported on RHOBH alum Kathy Hilton‘s rumored behavior in Aspen during the production of season 12. Minkoff suggested she believes a former cast member leaked information about Hilton to the press while filming RHOBH season 12.

“With the whole leaking of the press and stuff, I think it’s pretty obvious because there’s no press being leaked about our season now,” said the mother of two.

Minkoff also stated she did not understand why information had been leaked.

“It was my second year [on the show] and I still felt like a novice to the whole thing,” said Minkoff. “So I was like ‘Maybe this is how the show works. Maybe it’s just how toxic it is. Maybe this is what people do’ … But I was like, ‘But why do they do that? Don’t you want the show to play out?’ I just didn’t understand it. But now, it’s far more clear to me, because, like, there’s nothing out. But why? I’ll never know.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff Shared How RHOBH Has Changed Without Lisa Rinna

Minkoff mentioned that Lisa Rinna left RHOBH following season 12 in the “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” podcast episode. The 40-year-old also referenced that Hilton said Rinna was “the biggest bully in Hollywood” during the RHOBH season 12 reunion. Minkoff stated that while she disagrees with Hilton’s assessment, she does believe Rinna was a bully during her eight-year run on RHOBH.

“I would say maybe on the show, I could pretty much say that, yes. But in Hollywood — I think there’s a lot of mean people in Hollywood,” stated Minkoff.

Minkoff also shared how RHOBH has differed without Rinna’s presence

“[RHOBH season 13] was very different. And I didn’t know Rinna’s impact on me until she was not there. That being said, I think that Rinna’s been, obviously, an incredible ‘Housewife.’ I mean, I used to watch it, so she was like iconic to me,” said the RHOBH star.

In addition, Minkoff stated that she was able to “forge other relationships in a different way” without Rinna in the cast. She also said she believes her castmate Erika Jayne “really did miss Rinna” during the production of RHOBH season 13, which premiered in October 2023.

“I could really feel her energy, like she didn’t have her person. But again, for her, then that changes how she’s going to experience other people,” said Minkoff.

Erika Jayne Spoke About Lisa Rinna Leaving RHOBH

While speaking to Extra TV at BravoCon 2023, held the weekend of November 3, Jayne discussed Rinna’s exit from RHOBH. She shared she “misses Lisa” and “the show misses Lisa.” She stated, however, that she believes the Bravo series can work without Rinna.

“You’ve got to move on,” said Jayne.

The “Pretty Mess” singer went on to say Rinna’s absence allowed her to “reconnect to some deeper friendships [she] has had in the past and possibly make some new more connected ones.” Jayne clarified that she does not make alliances on RHOBH.

“I don’t believe in alliances. I believe in being an independent thinker. If I agree with you, I agree with you,” said Jayne.

Lisa Rinna Has Been Supportive of Erika Jayne

While Jayne and Rinna are no longer RHOBH co-stars, they have still maintained their friendship. During a September 2023 interview with E! News, Rinna complimented Jayne’s Las Vegas residency, “Bet It On Blonde.”

“It was so great because to get to see her do her thing, she’s a showgirl. And to see that show come to life in such a short amount of time, in a really tough couple of years for her. And so to have us all there, it just felt so right on so many levels. I’m proud of her. And it was phenomenal,” said Rinna.

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