Crystal Kung Minkoff Shares Information About Lisa Rinna’s Reunion Receipts

Crystal Kung Minkoff and Lisa Rinna.

Getty Crystal Kung Minkoff and Lisa Rinna.

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Crystal Kung Minkoff shared information about Lisa Rinna’s season 12 reunion receipts during a November 2022 episode of the “Everything Iconic” podcast, hosted by Danny Pellegrino. 

According to People magazine, Bravo producer Andy Cohen revealed that Rinna wanted to share information regarding Sutton Stracke’s claims about the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala while filming the reunion special during a November 2022 “Andy Cohen Live” episode.  

“We wound up cutting the whole thing because we were done talking about the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Like, enough is enough,” explained Cohen. 

He went on to say that Rinna “had what were her Aspen receipts that [he] never saw” while filming the season 12 reunion. 

“We never got to them. We didn’t cut them out of the show. She never handed them over during the show. So that is the tale of Rinna’s receipts,” said Cohen. 

Crystal Kung Minkoff Spoke About Lisa Rinna’s Receipts 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

GettyCrystal Kung Minkoff.

While recording the “Everything Iconic” episode, Minkoff shared that Rinna possessed two envelopes during the season 12 reunion. 

“One [envelope] was in regards to the charity event. And she had actually brought it out the very first day I filmed and they cut it because it had just happened from ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Sutton, so it was like physical, actual receipts,” said Minkoff. 

The 39-year-old went on to say the other envelope contained text messages about Kathy Hilton. As fans are aware, Lisa Rinna accused Hilton of acting erratic following a night out in Aspen. She also claimed the 63-year-old made negative comments about her castmates, including her younger half-sister, Kyle Richards. 

“Then the other one was just like a series of text messages with her and Kathy. But they never read it out. It was like Andy had it because they were printed on 8 by 11 paper, so he was kind of shuffling through it. And he’s kind of skimming it and then it didn’t really go anywhere so, and we sort of get alluded to things but then we don’t really know,” said the mother of two with a laugh. 

Lisa Rinna Spoke About the Reunion on Her Instagram Stories 

Lisa Rinna

BravoLisa Rinna

People magazine reported Rinna took to her Instagram Stories to discuss her reunion receipts. She explained she intended to show text messages she wrote during her night alone with Hilton in Richards’ Aspen home.  

“I was texting Erika [Jayne] because she was asking where I was and what had happened to me and Kyle was there with her, so she knew exactly what was happening at that time at the house and what had just gone down,” said Rinna. 

The “Melrose Place” actress also stated she had been texting her “assistant and one of [her] best friends” about Hilton’s alleged behavior.  

“They were asleep so I couldn’t reach them and so I was telling them exactly what had just happened in that house. I believe it’s eight pages long once I printed it out. And trying to figure out what the f*** to do. There you have it,” said Rinna. 

Lisa Rinna Asserted She Did Not Exaggerate Her Account of Kathy Hilton’s Behavior 

Kathy Hilton.

GettyKathy Hilton in 2021.

While speaking to Access Hollywood in October 2022, Rinna addressed those who believe she had embellished her account of Hilton’s behavior. 

“I was there. I don’t over exaggerate. I tell the truth and I always have and I think if you go back you can see that I told the truth and what happened happened. And you know, people can believe whatever they want, you know, that’s their prerogative,” said the “Days of Our Lives” actress.

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