‘RHOBH’ Star Fires Back at Fan Who DM’d Her

RHOBH cast

Bravo Some fans aren't happy with one RHOBH star.

Astar of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” blasted a fan for DMing her and then shared the screenshots.

Crystal Kung Minkoff shared a screenshot that a fan sent her in response to something she posted on her Instagram Stories.

Here’s what you need to know:

Crystal Kung Minkoff Blasted Fan for ‘Embarrassing’ Shade DM Over Her Grammar

Kung Minkoff posted the screenshot of a DM from someone named Jennifer Porter Snipes. The message was trying to correct the grammar of a previous post.

“It’s effect not affect,” the fan wrote. “I would assume since you believe you are the smartest person to ever be on housewives that you would know that.”

Kung Minkoff replied to the DM writing, “Affect is a verb. Effect is a noun. This is used correctly.” She then screen shot the exchange and posted it to her Instagram stories writing, “I’ve seen good shade. But this one is embarrassing,” and tagged the fan.

Fans Praised Kung Minkoff for ‘Savage’ Response: If You Want to Be Rude in DMs, Don’t Be Surprised When Exposed

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the exchange in a thread titled “Embarrassing yourself with your full name and photo on IG by trying to insult a housewife? Couldn’t be me!

“Jennifer’s bio probably reads something like this,” someone wrote of the fan’s now-changed Instagram. “wife and mama to 3 kids. Follower of Christ. Be kind always.”

“Crystal has never acted like she was the smartest,” someone wrote. “Crystal is savage for tagging the woman too. If you want to be rude in DMs, don’t be surprised when exposed.”

“So many uneducated people out there trying to educate,” a fan said.

“What an absolute clown,” someone commented.

“It is so disturbing and pathetic when HW fans go out of their way to comment / DM hate to another cast member based on what they see on TV. And I say that for virtually all cast members,” a fan wrote. “We need to take these shows a lot less seriously.”

“it’s always the most ignorant people who are the loudest,” someone pointed out. “Jennifer probably has some well-to-do husband and the poor guy will prob be in hell the rest of the day since girly wanted to condescendingly (and unsuccessfully) ‘correct’ the grammar of a complete stranger. she also gives the ‘aunt who is always wine drunk’ vibe which will def make it worse because I knoooow she’s going to be bitching about this for the rest of the day at least.”

“Jennifer can dish it out, but can’t take it – she changed her username immediately after her idiotic ass was outed lololol,” someone pointed out. 

“She probably has those Live, Laugh, Learn plaques,” a fan replied.

She even has the ‘I’d like to speak to your manager’ haircut,” another fan commented. Someone else wrote, “With stick figure stickers on the back of her Tahoe.”

Many fans discussed the use of the words and which woman was actually right in their usage.

“I always have to Google it. No matter how hard I try to remember which is which, I’m never positive so I just give up and look it up,” someone said.


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