Danielle Staub Calls Erika Jayne a “B****” & More

Bravo/YouTube Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub once starred on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and even though she no longer appears on the series, she still finds a way to give her two cents. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne has been thrown into the spotlight even more so over the last few months.

Jayne and her estranged husband Thomas Girardi have been at the center of a divorce and legal scandal since December 2020. The couple’s legal issues were showcased in documentary being released on the streaming platform Hulu. “The Housewife and the Hustler” premiered Monday, June 14.

The documentary included interviews from lawyers, Girardi’s former clients, and two former Real Housewives. In addition to Staub, Dana Wilkey (RHOBH’s $25,000 sunglasses friend) also made some comments about Jayne. The two both had things to say, and Staub didn’t hold back, calling Jayne a, “b****.”

“The Housewife and the Hustler” starts out showing Staub walking to her interview chair. She then says, “Erika Jayne, I have seen on the show, and I also worked with her on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ one or two times. Didn’t get the best vibe from her but I know a lot of fake people, and it turns out, she’s just one of them.”

Staub Called Jayne a ‘B****’

Staub didn’t stop there. “The Housewife and the Hustler” concluded by acknowledging that Jayne will most likely face legal troubles as well.

“Erika Jayne is a very strong woman, I can tell,” Staub shared towards the end. “She’s a warrior and she’s a b****. So am I, it’s fine to be a b****. she knows her mind she has a lot to say about it, but my advice would be to shut up, sit down. Pay attention to what’s going on in your case and don’t worry about TV.”

Earlier in the documentary, Jayne noted she had high regards for Bravo’s decision to cast Jayne. “She was very good casting, she was probably the best since me,” she said. “They wanted girls that could get in there and entertain, but yet hold their own.”

Staub Also Commented on Jayne’s Music Career

Jayne joined the RHOBH cast for season six in 2015. When fans first met Jayne on, they were not only introduced to her lavish lifestyle, but also her music career. Jayne pursued a music career after marrying Girardi and released songs like, “XXPEN$IVE,” “Painkillr,” “How Many F****?” and more.

Staub commented on her performing career saying, “She wasn’t afraid of her body, her sensuality, and I liked that even though she can’t hold a tune, she sang. She entertained. She was entertaining.”

The mom of two then revealed that she and Jayne both worked at the famous go-go/strip club called Shakers in Lodi, New Jersey. Jayne brought the ladies to Shakers on the last season of RHOBH. She has been upfront about her early career and has never been one to be embarrassed from her journey.

“Erika and I worked at the same strip club,” Staub shared. “A lot of girls have been wheeled through there, I was just one of them and one of many.”

Wilkey also noted Jayne’s music career. She hinted that Jayne needed RHOBH to make some money for herself. “Erika says there was no return on investment, so Tom Girardi was probably going to have her throw in the towel, but then all the sudden she gets cast on RHOBH,” Wilkey said on “The Housewife and the Hustler.”

She added later on in the documentary that there were “rumors” in Beverly Hills that she would file for divorce, and “it may or may not have had to do with financial problems.”

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