RHOBH Star on Diana Jenkins’ Reaction to Sutton Stracke: ‘She Was Evil’

Diana Jenkins

Getty Diana Jenkins in 2022.

In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 16, Sutton Stracke revealed she unfollowed Erika Jayne on Instagram because the “Pretty Mess” singer said she was a “b***** f****** c***” during the season 11 reunion special. The mother of three then shared she was upset that her co-stars did not react when Jayne called her a “c***.” Diana Jenkins responded by stating, “But you are one,” causing Jayne to laugh. While Jenkins apologized for her comment not being “civilized,” she maintained that she “can’t stand” Stracke and inquired if she had feelings.

“I watch things, I’ve observed things, and just the way she does things is not like – very slithery,” stated the reality television personality.

She then referenced that Stracke questioned her decision to attend Garcelle Beauvais’ 55th birthday party after she had health issues following a miscarriage in season 12, episode 8.

“She came after me when I was f****** bleeding, after the whole experience, she came after me when I was on a f****** floor, you don’t do that,” said Jenkins.

She also noted that Stracke mentioned she had two miscarriages during their intense conversation.

“Saying that she had two miscarriages that she hid from everybody and I’m the first one to hear it. So if it was such a hard thing to talk about it, why don’t you understand it’s a hard thing to talk about. I’m sorry she knew what she was doing,” stated the Bravo star.

Beauvais shared her thoughts about Jenkins’ reaction to Stracke in an August 2022 episode of the “RHOBH After Show.” 

Garcelle Beauvais Shared Her Thoughts About Diana Jenkins

Garcelle Beauvais

GettyGarcelle Beauvais.

During the “RHOBH After Show” episode, Beauvais shared that she did not approve of Jenkins’ comments toward Stracke.

“She was evil. That was really like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was just uncalled for, but I felt like Diana just cut to the core and just said some really, really hurtful things and then, as part of a group,” stated Beauvais.

While filming the episode, Stracke also shared she was upset that Jenkins brought up her miscarriages in season 12, episode 16.

“To use my miscarriages was very low. Women don’t do that to each other. And she said you don’t have any friends, you don’t have any friends, you didn’t even tell these people about your miscarriages. I’ve known these people for three years. There’s a lot I haven’t told these people about myself,” asserted Stracke.

Dorit Kemsley also gave her opinion on the matter. She noted Stracke had a heated reaction toward Jenkins in season 12, episode 6.

“Sutton did that to Diana in Mexico, it’s not like Sutton hasn’t really used force and spoken to people with a lot of aggression,” stated the 46-year-old. “And I think it was a moment, like I said, that was a little lost, where at that point, Sutton could have engaged, said something, whatever it is, but she broke down and she garnered a lot of sympathy. I think it really made Diana look like she was the aggressor and I genuinely feel like what was behind Diana’s raw emotions was let’s be honest, let’s have it out and then maybe, we can move on.”

Sutton Stracke Has Had Issues With Lisa Rinna Throughout Season 12

Sutton Stracke 8

BravoSutton Stracke.

Lisa Rinna has had issues with Stracke throughout RHOBH season 12. While speaking to Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap, the Georgia native explained that she believed Rinna’s behavior towards her stemmed from the fact that she was mourning the loss of her mother, Lois Rinna.

“I think that we are in a grieving process with Lisa and so this is the anger part of the grief and it comes at me,” said Stracke.

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Tina Myers
Tina Myers
29 days ago

I think Diana is just evil, Garcelle always acts superior & Crystal always plays the victim. For someone who “can’t deal with crazy”, referring to Sutton in Season 11, she acts crazy herself. Love the rest of them & I miss Teddi!

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