Here’s Why Dina Manzo Looks ‘Different’ in Vulnerable Instagram Video

Getty Images Dina Manzo admits she 'overdid the Botox.'

Dina Manzo shared a new video with her Instagram followers on January 12, 2022, but the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star might look different to you. The reason? She admitted, though perhaps jokingly, that she “overdid the Botox.”

Manzo shared a vulnerable video after she met with Dr. Daniel G. Amen, a psychiatrist who “changes people’s brains,” according to his Instagram bio. Manzo had a brain scan that was analyzed by Dr. Amen, and she shared part of her sit-down with him on Instagram. She admitted that sharing the video took a lot of “courage,” and her meeting with Dr. Amen was very emotional.

“Learning about my brain…how natural wiring, upbringing and ‘life events’ influence how you LITERALLY do EVERYTHING was liberating. I started to connect the dots and now have such clarity and determination to take control and make some serious necessary changes for my overall well-being,” her caption read in part.

“I will share as much as I can so you can all learn with me. Our Brain heath plays such a huge role in our mind body spirit connection. Now more than ever we need to take our mental health seriously,” Manzo’s caption continued.

Here’s what you need to know:

Manzo Added a Sort of Disclaimer About Her Looks to Her Caption

In addition to sharing some of the feedback that she received from Dr. Amen, Manzo also tried to combat any potential comments about the way she looks with a sort of disclaimer in the caption.

“And for the few of you who will comment about how different I look. Maybe pause for a second. Think about how that effects my healing journey. We need to be kind to each other. You never know what someone is going through,” Manzo wrote.

At the beginning of her caption, she admitted to getting Botox — and was grateful to have done so ahead of the emotional meeting with Dr. Amen. “Good thing I overdid the Botox before it because it hid how emotional I really was,” she wrote.

The vast majority of the comments were in support of Manzo, however, and many fans complimented her on her looks, rather than calling her out for looking “different.”

“Thank you for sharing, I look forward to hearing more about your journey. And you look beautiful as always,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You are beautiful and strong Dina,” added another.

“I can 100% relate to this. You are strong and beautiful. Take care of you,” a third comment read.

People Have Commented on Manzo’s Changing Looks Before

It seems as though Manzo may have been trying to stop any unnecessary comments about her looks because she is used the reading them. Although she’s no longer on reality television, Manzo is still subject to online criticism, which seems to come along with being a public figure — past or present.

Back in early December, Manzo shared a photo alongside her beau, Dave Cantin, and people took to the comments section to let Manzo know that she didn’t look the same. While some people thought that she was simply glowing from happiness and being in love, others slammed her for using filters on the snap.

“Wow GREAT FILTER,” one person quipped.

“Wow.. you look so different. I wouldn’t have recognized you,” another comment read.

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