Dina Manzo Called Out for ‘Cryptic’ Posts & She Has Surprising Response

Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice.

Getty Images Dina Manzo responds to concerns about her cryptic posts.

Teresa Giudice‘s long time best friend Dina Manzo did not attend her wedding on August 6, 2022.

Before the wedding, a source told Page Six that Manzo decided to skip the soiree because she didn’t want to be on television and Bravo cameras were set to film. Despite rumors that Teresa and Dina had a falling out, Page Six’s source insisted that the two were still close.

“Teresa respects Dina’s wishes and looks forward to celebrating with her in the future. They remain as close as ever,” the source said.

Just before Giudice’s big day, Manzo took to her Instagram Stories to share a few quotes about letting go and moving on. The timing of the posts were curious and several fans decided to ask Manzo about them on her latest Instagram feed post — and she responded.

Here’s what you need to know:

Manzo Said That There Wasn’t Anything Different About Her Posts Than Normal

Manzo may choose specific quotes that speak to her from time to time, but she maintains that the things that she posted before her best friend’s wedding weren’t out of the ordinary.

On August 5, 2022, Manzo shared a quote that read, “The more you let go, the more your point of attraction elevates. The more your point of attraction elevates, the more your experiences align with your most deeply rooted desires. In other words, the more you heal, the more you live. There is no more important work you can do, than the work you’re doing for yourself in this journey.”

When someone asked her about it, Manzo shared her take.

“Those cryptic messages in your story were a little odd, considering the timing. I hope IF there was a falling out, you work it out. That’s a long friendship to give up on,” someone commented on Manzo’s post.

“Maybe if you followed me you would know I post those DAILY. There’s life outside of reality tv,” Manzo responded.

Manzo Has Not Publicly Congratulated Giudice & Ruelas

Despite supposedly being extremely close to Giudice, Manzo didn’t post anything about her best friend’s wedding publicly. She hasn’t made any kind of mention, nor has she shared anything about Giudice and Ruelas’ special day.

Several people have commented on her Instagram posts, asking what’s going on, but Manzo hasn’t replied.

“Why can’t you be honest and admit to a falling out with Teresa and Louie? You’re posting cryptic messages about ‘letting go’ anyway,'” one comment read.

“How come you didn’t go to the gipsy weeding?” someone else asked.

“Why aren’t you at Teresa’s wedding?” echoed a third Instagram user.

“You couldn’t sit aside your difference with Dolores to be there for your ‘best friends’ special day is really sad. This God willing will be her last marriage, sometimes you put on your big girl panties and be there for the people you love and care about. I love you but I’m so disappointed to not see you celebrating with your best friend,” a fourth person, claiming to know about the situation wrote.

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