RHONJ Star Expresses Fear Over Reunion Filming

RHONJ cast.

Heavy/NBC Universal A "Real Housewives" star is afraid of the upcoming reunion taping.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 13 reunion still hasn’t filmed and there’s at least one member of the cast who doesn’t seem to be looking forward to it — Dolores Catania.

Although the season has already finished filming and it’s currently airing on Bravo, the reunion seems to be taking a little longer to pin down, likely because of how the season ended — with an explosive feud between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga.

Now, Catania is admitting that she is actually “afraid” of what will happen during the reunion.

“On a good day, we have anxiety about the reunion. I mean, anxiety is one thing. I’m actually afraid,” she said on the March 17, 2023, episode of the “Pay Attention Puh-lease” podcast. She went on to say that she feels the feud between the Giudices and the Gorgas was a long time coming and she wishes it “didn’t happen.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The RHONJ Reunion Will Be the First Time Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Will Talk Face to Face Since the Finale

Following the finale fight, Giudice and Gorga have been living completely separate lives. In fact, Giudice has previously said that she no longer speaks to her brother at all.

“I wish them well. I swear I wish them all the best,” she told Us Weekly ahead of the season 13 premiere. About a month earlier, she told the outlet that she and Gorga “don’t speak.”

“I didn’t see them for the holidays. We don’t speak. And it’s better that way. Like I said, I wish them well. I want them to wish me well and I just need to heal myself. I’ve been through, like, too much,” she added.

Following the finale taping, the Gorgas decided to skip Giudice’s wedding to Louie Ruelas. Giudice has since said that she’s “done” with her brother.

The disconnect within the Giudice-Gorga families will undoubtedly make for an uncomfortable reunion, which Catania seems to be anticipating.

Melissa Gorga Is Already Preparing to Go Head-to-Head With Teresa Giudice

During an appearance on the March 9, 2023, episode of the “Mention It All” podcast, Melissa Gorga revealed how she’s preparing for what’s ahead.

“I’m collecting my receipts,” she said. “I haven’t had to do that in a really long time because people haven’t lied like this or about me or Joe in a really long time, but I’ve been seeing a lot of lies out there, so I have receipts,” she continued.

Melissa Gorga said that part reunions have felt more like “therapy” sessions but she thinks this season’s reunion will be “different.”

The RHONJ stars have only been teasing what’s to come on season 13 and fans won’t be able to see how things play out until the rest of the season airs. However, many are looking forward to the reunion to see how Giudice and Gorga interact — and see if there’s any hope for reconciliation in the future.

“You have to move on from things to an extent, and kind of live together — we travel the world together,” Catania said on the “Pay Attention Puh-lease” podcast. “Something has to give here. Something. To what extent? I don’t know,” she added.

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