Dolores Catania Says She ‘Beat Up’ Frank Catania’s Girlfriend After Split

Dolores Catania

Getty Images Dolores Catania shares details about what happened after she split from Frank Catania.

Dolores Catania and her ex-husband Frank Catania may have a great relationship in 2022, but things weren’t always wonderful between the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars.

“We had a very difficult time years ago and I had a lot of pain and anger to deal with. I mean, he cheated (he is not with that woman now, Thank God) and ended up leaving us right before I was supposed to give birth. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we were able to work it out. It certainly wasn’t always easy or anything like it looks now,” Dolores told Huff Post in 2016.

In a new interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Dolores opened up a bit more about what she went through after she found out about Big Frank’s infidelity — and she admitted to beating up the woman he cheated with. And she also admitted to beating up Frank, too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Catania Explained How Therapy Helped Her

Dolores Catania Discusses Beating Up Ex Frank Catania's GirlfriendDolores Catania Discusses Beating Up Ex Frank Catania's Girlfriend. Hear more from Radio Andy on our app! Click here for your trial subscription: See more from Jeff Lewis Live here Subscribe to SiriusXM on YouTube: Connect with SiriusXM Online Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #SiriusXM #Sirius #SXM2022-06-07T19:45:20Z

After Dolores found out about Frank’s infidelity, she felt that she needed to talk to someone. She told Jeff Lewis that the only person she knew was a school therapist — so that’s where she went.

“There was a pivotal time where I went to see a therapist, which you didn’t do where I came from. Like it was the school therapist. If you got into fist fight, you went to see her. That’s the only person I knew so I went back to her,” Dolores explained.

“Frankie’s in a car carrier, and Gabby’s three and I’m dragging, and you know, into her office cause she would see me. And there was all kids in the office because she was just, you know, for kids that were, you know, angry,” she continued.

Dolores went on to say that she saw a child who was very upset, “punching the walls” while his mom was “crying.” The reality star asked the therapist, “What do I do so that doesn’t happen?” And the therapist told her not to fight with Frank — just to “let it go.”

“[Kids] hold onto that fighting, which you don’t even realize. So then after that I would just eat s***. Like if Frank would argue with me through this horrible divorce, I was just like, ‘yeah.'” Dolores said.

Dolores Took out Her ‘Anger’ on Frank’s Girlfriend at the Time

While Dolores may have been cool with not fighting in front of her kids, she was not cool with her ex’s decision to step out on her.

“I beat his girlfriend up though. Like I did get a lot of my anger out on the girlfriend,” she told Lewis. While Dolores admits she didn’t send the woman to the hospital, she said she didn’t hurt her “enough.”

Lewis told Dolores that she should have beat up Frank — and she said that she did… more than once.

“I did. We’ve gone a few matches. He’ll tell you. No one’s ever hit him as hard as I did. So, yeah. Yeah, it was him and he lost more than she did, you know?” Dolores said.

“Maybe she had a few cut and bruises, but he lost a lot more,” she added.

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