Are Dolores Catania & Her Boyfriend Still Together? 2/17/2020

Getty Dolores Catania in 2019

Dolores Catania joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey during its seventh season in 2016 and instantly became a fan favorite. Her love life in particular sparked viewer intrigue. Catania is still extremely close to her ex-husband – with whom she coparents 22-year-old Frankie Jr. and 25-year-old GabrielleFrank Catania. The Catanias are no longer married, but they are still a major part of each other’s lives.

The 50-year-old mom began dating Dr. David Principe in 2017. Principe is an OB-GYN specializing in helping women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, per his CarePoint Health profile. The doctor began appearing more on RHONJ on season ten when the Catanias built a home for him.

“David doesn’t know how to show it on camera, but David tells me every day, ‘You’re beautiful, you’re sexy,'” Catania told E! News in December 2020. “Like last night he goes, ‘You know, you’re the most beautiful woman I know.’ That’s what he said to me as I was walking out the door with my pajamas on and my Uggs to go eat with him.”

Catania Opened Up About Marriage With Principe

Viewers watched last season as Catania had hoped for a proposal from Principe. She struggled as she and her ex built her boyfriend’s home in hopes that he would propose and she could move in with him. But they finished the home with no engagement ring. When asked if they have plans to tie the knot, Catania hesitantly responded. “I don’t know,” she told E! News. “Life brings the craziest things. Like, you can never say never and you don’t know what could happen.”

Executive Producer Andy Cohen asked Catania if she has moved in with her boyfriend during the season ten RHONJ reunion. “You know what, Andy? I’m ready for him to move into his home,” she told him. “However, I’m not moving in. I’m not engaged. I’m really good without a commitment right now.”

The mother of two added, “What changed? I think that… he should want it from me.” Catania said that having been single for over 20 years, her being ready to be a wife was a big deal. “[David] should have took it and ran,” she said about how he should have been more eager to propose.

Many of her RHONJ cast members agreed and assured her that she could do better, but she has continued to defend her beau. “We have very good chemistry, but he was given the chance many times to meet me halfway,” she said. “You know what? I’m pissed off because I’m a f***ing good catch.”

Catania Has Been Quarantining With a Full House

When Frank Catania first appeared on RHONJ, he had been living with his girlfriend of 12 years. The relationship didn’t last, and Frank Catania moved back home and lived with Dolores Catania and Frankie Jr. Many fans and cast members became skeptical of their living friendship.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Frank Catania moved in and out of Principe’s home with Dolores Catania. “Because Frank’s immune system is so low from having just had surgery, he moved out of David’s house,” she told Page Six in April 2020. “He moved down the shore — to our shore house.”

Dolores Catania soon followed suit as the pandemic became more serious. “Some of his patients are corona positive,” Catania told Page Six about moving back to her home with her son. “I’m sure he’s careful coming home, so it’s just scary.”

But things changed in December when both of her kids and her ex had all contracted the virus. Dolores Catania did not test positive, but she quarantined from December 23 until January 3 just in case. “I was exposed to it,” she told Page Six in January 2021. “It was in my house, so I had no right to go out and spread it just in case I had it.”

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