Dolores Catania’s New Boyfriend Hits Back After Frank Catania Diss

Frank Catania

Bravo Frank Catania.

Dolores Catania’s new boyfriend, Paul Connell, didn’t appear on the most recent season of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but his ears had to have been burning during the reunion taping.

Months after ending her relationship with her ex, Dr. David Principe, Dolores began dating Paul Connell. An insider told Page Six that Dolores and her boyfriend are “pretty much obsessed with each other” and “practically glued at the hip.”

At the  RHONJ reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank Catania, what he thought of her new man. Frank, who shares two grown children, Frank Jr. and Gabrielle, with Dolores, said Connell looks like “Toy Story” character Buzz Lightyear. An angry Dolores called her ex a “son of a b***” and “a f***ing jerk-off,” before Frank explained the situation.

“Listen, me and Paulie don’t exactly see eye to eye,” he revealed to Cohen. “Paulie, I don’t think understands mine and Dolores’ relationship.”

“Dolores is happy. That’s all that matters to me,” he added. “But I get defensive of our relationship.”

Frank also said he has tried to make an effort to get to know Connell, but a planned dinner meetup fell through.

“Give it some time,” Dolores chimed in. “Let us get established in our relationship so that he can be secure to meet you. We are a lot to handle, so understand that.”

Frank noted that he “100 percent” understands Connell’s reservations about his still-close relationship with Dolores. “I just expected more from him because he’s a superhero,” he joked.

Paul Connell Replied to Frank Catania’s RHONJ Reunion Diss

Connell replied to Frank’s diss on his Instagram story. In a post that was reshared on the Bravo_and_Cocktails Instagram account, Connell posted a pic of a Mr. Potato Head toy next to an image of Buzz Lightyear. He captioned the Mr. Potato Head graphic with Frank’s name and the Buzz Lightyear pic with his name. “Hey Frank, no fear, Buzz Connell is here!” he wrote.

In a screenshot shared to the Holy Bravo Instagram account, Connell also responded to the question, “Paulie what do u think about the comments Frank made about u at the reunion?!”

“I was kind of sad TBH,” Connell replied, before adding, ‘Now everyone knows I’m a  real superhero!”

Several fans reacted to Connell’s retort.

“I like that he has a good sense of humor about it,” one commenter wrote of Connell.

“Please Paulie get along with Frank,” another wrote.

Dolores Catania Once Said Any Man She is With Will Have to Understand Her Close Relationship With Frank

Dolores and Frank Catania.

BravoDolores and Frank Catania.

Fans know that Frank is very protective of Dolores Catania. The RHONJ star once told Us Weekly that any man in her life has to be “sure enough” of himself to be able to handle her close friendship with her ex-husband. In May 2021, Dolores even acknowledged that many people think Frank is her soulmate.

“We never separated, even though we got the divorce, she once said on the the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast, per Us Weekly.

According to, Frank has used the word “soul mate” when talking about Dolores. “Listen, I’m Dolores’ soul mate,” he said on RHONJ. “Even though we’re not romantically involved, I’m still her soul mate.”

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