Dolores Catania Responds to Margaret Josephs’ Comments About Her Relationship

Dolores Catania

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Margaret Josephs called out Dolores Catania and her relationship with Paul Connell during the May 9 episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” After Show as she claimed Connell was still married.

Josephs said that she doesn’t believe Catania is “rushing to get married” to Connell then continued, “As far as I know, Paulie’s not divorced.” Josephs said, “I mean, I guess it’s hard to get married if you’re not divorced. You can give rings, I guess. That’s why you can’t get married — if you’re not divorced.”

After Josephs made those comments, Connell confirmed, “I am not divorced *yet* but obviously, I [have been] separated for many years,” he shared in a statement to AllAboutTRH. “A document to finalize the past or set the present is not preventing myself and Dolores from planning our future together in any way or form.”

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Dolores Catania Also Addressed Margaret Josephs’ Comments About Paul Connell Not Being Divorced Yet on Twitter

Josephs also threw other jabs at the couple, including sharing that she thought Connell was definitely “committed” to Catania and adding that he “definitely peed on her leg,” she laughed on the After Show.

Connell and Catania began dating in the fall of 2021 and the ongoing season of RHONJ has explored the couple navigating their relationship as well as Catania’s friendship with her ex-husband Frank Catania.

Dolores Catania also responded to her co-star’s shade and appeared to confirm that her boyfriend isn’t divorced yet but said it wasn’t a scandalous situation. In reply to a fan who wrote, “Oh pls! He’s not divorced, big whoop! He’s clearly not with his ex either. This isn’t a scandal! This is lawyers and paperwork process,” Catania replied, “Exactly.”

Dolores Catania Said She’s Happy With Her Current Relationship & Their Level of Commitment & Isn’t Rushing to Get Married

Catania commented on her relationship during the After Show as well and asserted that she didn’t feel a need to rush into a marriage with Connell. She said it was “human nature” to think about the next steps in a relationship but added, “I’m very happy with the commitment I have right now to be honest.”

She said even though it was nice to talk about a hypothetical wedding and what it would look like, it didn’t mean she was planning on getting hitched right then and there. “Paul and I haven’t really felt this way about anybody else we’ve met in a very long time,” Catania admitted on the After Show.

The RHONJ episode showed Connell telling Frank Catania that he’d already purchased an engagement ring. However, the RHONJ star revealed on the After Show that they were not “rushing for it.” She added, “It’s fun to think about things I haven’t thought about since I was 19 years old.”

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