Dorinda Medley’s Daughter Faces Backlash on Instagram

Dorinda Medley

Getty Dorinda Medley with daughter Hannah Lynch in 2017

Fans are concerned about Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley’s daughter, Hannah Lynch, after a recent video she posted to her Instagram page.

In the video posted to her IGTV on December 9, Lynch demonstrated what she does to prevent her panty lines from showing when she is wearing tights. While demonstrating her tricks, she commented a lot on her own body. “I’m also quite hippy, so I really don’t want to accentuate this area too much,” Lynch said during the video. “I don’t really like to do that, but something I love about myself is that I’ve got an amazing thigh gap.”

Later in the video, Lynch talked about her thigh gap again. “I’ve created this sort of layering, which covers up my bum, and it also really accentuates this, like, gorgeous thigh gap that I have,” Lynch said while showing off how she layered a skirt over her tights.

Many Fans Were Alarmed by Lynch’s Video

After Lynch posted the video, many fans were alarmed by it and were worried that she was promoting unhealthy habits. One user wrote in the comment section, “But it seems like you’re going to extreme lengths to appear skinny (er) and you already are skinny. This just feels irresponsible. I don’t think we need to balance out our body shapes with cut up tank tops from target.”

Another wrote, “Really accentuating your thigh gap? that’s not something to brag about. you should love your body no matter what size your thighs are. NOT having a thigh gap is beautiful. very scary to be encouraging girls to have unrealistic expectations.”

Though, not everyone found her video offensive. “Loved this! So chic!” a viewer said in the comments.

After receiving these comments, Lynch responded to some of her followers, further defending herself. “I am skinny for sure but that’s not to say that that my body is perfectly proportioned,” Lynch wrote in response to the comments on the post. “I’m like my mom we naturally carry out weight in our bottoms – trick is to make sure your clothes address your proportions effectively and balance it out.”

Dorinda Medley Said Her Daughter’s Style Reminded Her of Her Own

Lynch’s mom, Dorinda Medley, reposted the video to her own Instagram page, writing in the caption that her daughter’s style reminded her of her own when she was that age. “This reminds me of how I dressed in my early days in NYC,” Medley wrote in the caption. “Young, thin, head to toe in black and ready to conquer the world! Now it’s your turn @hannahdangerlynch!”

Earlier this year, Medley revealed that she had lost some weight herself. According to Bravo, in January 2020, Medley recorded an Instagram story about her fitness routine, revealing that she had shaved four inches off her waist. “A lot of hard work but my waist is down 4 inches (well really a little under but I’m giving the extra to myself),” Medley wrote in the Instagram story at the time.

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