Dorit Kemsley ‘Held at Gunpoint’ During Home Robbery While Both Kids Were Sleeping

Getty Images Dorit Kemsley was held at gunpoint during a home robbery.

Dorit Kemsley was “held at gunpoint” during a home robbery on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, a source told the Daily Mail. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star had just returned home from a trip to London the day prior.

A source told the outlet that three men broke into Dorit and PK Kemsley’s home in Encino Hills, California, around 11 p.m. local time. Page Six confirmed this information with the Los Angeles Police Department. A spokesperson from the LAPD told the outlet that there was indeed a home invasion at the Kemsley residence on Wednesday night. The spokesperson did not confirm whether or not Dorit was held at gunpoint.

The robbers were able to get into the home by “smashing through the children’s classroom door,” Daily Mail’s source explained. Two of the men went into Dorit’s bedroom where she had been sleeping at the time — PK was still in London.

The men grabbed Dorit, and she pleaded with them: “Don’t hurt my babies. Don’t kill me. I’m a mother,” she said, according to the source.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dorit & Her 2 Children Were Not Injured in the Burglary & Police Haven’t Made any Arrests in the Case

The Daily Mail reports that Dorit was not injured, though the outlet’s source says that one of the men said “kill her,” when she pleaded with them to leave her children alone.

The burglars went through the home for about 20 minutes, grabbing whatever they could, including an unspecified amount of jewelry, and other accessories such as handbags. It’s unclear just how much the robbers took from the home.

The men did not enter the bedrooms of Dorit and PK’s son, Jagger, 7, or of their daughter, Phoenix, 5.

According to the Page Six report, no arrests have been made in the case. It’s unclear if there is any sort of surveillance footage, home security system, or other video that would possibly give police some additional information or a lead in the case. It’s unknown if the suspects have otherwise been identified in any way.

Dorit is said to be “traumatized,” according to the Daily Mail’s source. PK is said to be on his way back to The States. Dorit nor PK have released any kind of statement about the burglary.

Kyle Richards’ Encino Home Was Burglarized in 2017

Dorit is not the only “RHOBH” star who has been burglarized. Back in 2017, more than $1 million worth of goods were stolen from Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s home. At the time, Kyle and Mauricio were in Aspen. A house alarm woke them up, only to alert them that someone had been in their closet at 1:15 a.m, People magazine reported in 2018.

“Everything was taken. Everything my mother, who passed away, had ever collected and saved to give to me — that I had always envisioned of passing on to my four daughters — was gone. Even my children’s baby bracelets. Obviously those are the things that hurt the most, things that I can’t replace. They’re completely invaluable,” Kyle told People.

“The material things, yes they can be replaced, but they also hurt. I feel embarrassed to say that, but those are things that were either given to me by someone that I care about or that I worked really hard for. So it hurts no matter what,” she added.

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