‘Real Housewives’ Star Calls Out ‘Cringy’ Househusband’s Behavior

Sergio Carrallo, Mauricio Umansky, Joe Gorga, Andy Cohen

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“The Real Housewives of Dubai” season 2 aired its second episode on Tuesday, June 11, and right out of the gate, there is no shortage of drama, both on- and off-screen.

In a June 12 tweet, RHODubai star Caroline Brooks took to social media to share some of her thoughts as the season started airing. She wrote, “There is something so cringy about husbands that are more invested in our show than their wives. 😖 Sir why are you watching and reposting everything? Go work and do man’s stuff and let housewives be housewives. It’s weird #RHODubai 🤢.”

Fans Try to Guess Who Caroline Brooks is Talking About

Although Brooks didn’t name a Househusband in her post, fans began replying with their own theories about whom she was referring.

“You are indeed annoying on the show but you are not wrong abt the husbands especially Sergio. He clocks everything as if his wife is going to cut him out her will or something 😂,” one user replied, referring to Brooks’ co-star Caroline Stanbury’s husband Sergio Carrallo.

Another fan responded, “Yes! Miss Sergio definitely wants to be one of y’all. He’s pathetic. I hate you have to work with him.” Brooks replied to this user, however, to clarify that he was not the Househusband in question.

“Sergio wasn’t even on my mind when I posted this, there is a thirstier house husband in town. 🥴,” Brooks wrote.

Despite Brooks’ confirming she was not talking about Carrallo, he remained the leading theory of fan-responses, at least of the RHODubai cast. Fans also felt like her tweet applied to the men from another Housewives franchise, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

“You referring to the husbands on RHONJ correct??” one fan wrote, while another added, “It’s the combo read for me not just Sergio you pack up the jersey husband as well in one swoop Twitter is in shambles . I can’t 😂 😂 😂.”

“The way you just clocked Sergio, Joe Gorga, and John Fuda,” a third user added alongside a photo of Brooks from RHODubai.

Caroline Brooks Responds to Comments About Her Drinking

One plotline of RHODubai season 2 episode 2 was Brooks’ drinking. While at her new castmate Taleen Marie’s party, her co-star Sara Al Madani expressed concern in a confessional, saying, “I’ve noticed Brooks is feeling the pressure of work. She’s at her office until 2 a.m. and then lately I’ve realized that Brooks has been drinking more but that’s not a good coping mechanism.”

While Al Madani has not brought this to Brooks yet in the episodes, fans took to social media to comment on this, and Brooks sarcastically agreed with everything they had to say.

When one user tweeted, “Caroline B is an alcoholic & needs help #RHODubai,” Brooks replied, “Badly. She’s barely hanging in there. Like someone should rescue her quick because shes on the brink of disaster. 🥹😩 #Sos.”

Another user wrote, “Caroline Brooks is a very mean drunk #RHODubai #RHOD,” to which Brooks responded, “Super mean. Such a villain 🦹‍♀️.”

“Brooks is such a try hard. And she’s so unlikeable #rhodubai,” a third user tweeted, with Brooks responding, “Super unlikable 😩 like what is she drinking to make her drunk 24/7? Omg it’s insane! I can’t even look at my tv when she’s on I want someone to send her to rehab before she dies of alcohol poisoning. It’s CRAZY 🤯 someone should help her before she spirals. 🥹.” The original user responded again, adding, “Never mentioned drinking,” Brooks responded again, “I did! That’s what triggers her ANGRY personality that she had 24/7, 365… it’s so sad honestly, I hope she gets a life outside of the show and stops being so angry and mean so we enjoy her and maybe see some scenes of her day to day work life and “normal things” 🙏🥹 I hope. 🤞.”

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