EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: RHONY Elyse Slaine Reveals What Really Happened Between Her and Ramona Singer

Elyse Slaine

NBCUMV Elyse Slaine with RHONY castmembers.

During this past season of The Real Housewives of New York, viewers saw Ramona Singer and Elyse Slaine’s friendship crumble. Slaine was brought on as a “friend of” Singer’s, but the two no longer speak.

However, it never really was clear why exactly the two fell out with each other. It almost seems as if it happened overnight, but in a recent interview with Heavy, Slaine revealed that the start of their fallout didn’t happen on camera. Slaine revealed that there was a “triggering” event during the night of the haunted house that was not aired.

“What triggered the fight between me and Ramona, which nobody got to see, was when she had asked me to come on the show,” Slaine told Heavy. “I said, you know, there are some no-go zones for me, certain people in my life, like family members, that I’m not willing to discuss. Ramona was very clear on my no-go zone. She assured me it was no problem. That night, that dinner after the haunted house, Luann brought it up, I walked away, I was done. That’s when Sonja, Ramona, and Dorinda were going out for a drink, and Sonja and Dorinda both invited me. They saw I was very visibly shaken up, and that’s when Ramona said I was not welcome to come.”

Slaine continued, “This was out of the blue to me. Ramona and I had no falling out, I treated Ramona like family. When Sonja said to her, ‘your friend is upset,’ Ramona said, ‘well, what are you upset about?’ I said that I had a no-go zone, and Ramona said to me, ‘Well, that’s a no-go zone for you, you don’t have to talk about it, but we can.'”

Slaine explained that that incident was what triggered their falling out. “That’s what triggered me,” Slaine said to Heavy. “I said, with all of the things that you want kept confidential, and I respect that, this is what you say to me? So I’m supposed to come on and have your back but it’s open season on me? And I’m not even a full-time cast member? That’s what happened. No one got to see that because it happened off-camera.”

Slaine Said That Singer Told Her That She ‘Doesn’t Trust’ Any of Her Fellow Castmates

Slaine also revealed to Heavy that Singer talks very negatively behind her castmates’ backs. “It’s ironic that she says I betrayed her, because she really betrayed me,” Slaine told Heavy. “For one, her banter that I asked her to come on the show, and that I said to her ‘these girls don’t have your back but I will,’ is all a lie. All a lie. I never once asked her to bring me on the show. And I actually had to be talked into filming the confessionals. I never once said these girls don’t have your back, because I never watched the show beyond the first season, ironically because their fighting was offputting.”

Slaine continued, telling Heavy about Singer, “All I knew was what Ramona told me about the girls. And Ramona told me that she’s not really friends with any of them and that she doesn’t trust any of them. She said horrible things about all of them and that should have been the red flag for me, that she’s just duplicitous. Not everyone can be all wrong and Ramona all right. The fact that Ramona lacks the ability to be introspective in any capacity with her fake apologies, that should have also been a red flag for me.”

Slaine also added that the things that Singer has said about the other women are “really crazy.” Slaine told Heavy, “Out of deference to their privacy and their families, I won’t go there.”

Slaine Was a Topic of Conversation at the Recent ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Reunion

Although Slaine was not present at the recent Real Housewives of New York reunion, she was still the topic of conversation. During the reunion, Singer called her a “black widow,” and trashed Slaine even further by saying “I should have never trusted her,” as noted by Showbiz CheatSheet.

After Singer snubbed Slaine by calling her a “black widow,” Slaine fired back on her Instagram page, posting a photo of herself photoshopped on to Marvel’s Black Widow movie poster.

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