Emily Simpson on Co-Star’s ‘Working Theory’ About Her Intimate Life

Emily Simpson

Getty Emily Simpson was photographed in 2019.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Emily Simpson shared her thoughts about her castmate Noella Bergener making assumptions about her romantic life with her husband, Shane Simpson during a January 2022 interview with Us Weekly

In “RHOC” season 16, episode 6, Bergener had a conversation with Emily and Shane at Heather Dubrow’s party in celebration of the launch of her daughter, Max’s book “I’ll Give It to You Straightish: What Your Teen Wants You to Know.” While Emily was inebriated, she brought up her underwear, which led to the revelation that she “fell asleep” the night before when her husband wanted to be intimate. 

“I’ve got a working theory. Feel free to walk away if I make it uncomfortable, I think you guys have the hottest sex… I think you have the hottest freaking sex out of any of us,” said Bergener. 

The former model explained her theory in a confessional interview. 

“There’s a tension, it’s palpable, it’s like a little musk in the air. He’s at the perfect height where he can do like 20 things at once. Never count the little man out,” quipped the Bravo star. 

Emily Simpson Shared What She Thought About Noella Bergener’s ‘Theory’

While speaking to Us Weekly, Emily suggested that she did not agree with Bergener’s belief about her and her husband’s intimate life. 

“I don’t know about that,” stated the lawyer with a laugh. 

She then noted that her co-star, Gina Kirschenheiter “is in a new relationship” with her boyfriend, Travis Mullen.

“You know what it’s like in a new relationship. You have sex all the time. So I don’t know, comparing to other people but yeah, I would say we’re in a very good, healthy, into each other state of our marriage, so yes,” said the mother-of-three. 

In the Us Weekly interview, the “RHOC” star also revealed that being on the show with Shane has improved their relationship. 

“I always say with the show, it can either make you or break you and I think it breaks a lot of couples but really for what it did for us, was I think it was like a mirror, you know, looking back at yourself, looking at your relationship. I think Shane maybe looking at how he treats me or talked to me, or me, how I was treating him, it really throws it back at you,” stated Emily. 

Emily Simpson Spoke About Her Relationship in a January 2022 Interview

During a January 2022 appearance on “New York Live,” Emily acknowledged that fans of “RHOC” “have followed Shane and [her]” through the highs and lows of their relationship. 

“We’ve been married for 13 years. You know, we went through a period of time where we weren’t getting along great and we’ve really repaired that and we have such a great marriage now,” asserted the reality show personality. 

She also shared what viewers can expect from her husband in “RHOC” season 16. 

“We just have some fun, really happy moments that come up in our relationship and I’m just – I’m excited and happy to share that with viewers and to show people that in a long term marriage you have ups and you have downs and you kind of have to weather through it and then if you’re committed, you make it work,” stated the attorney. 

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