Erika Girardi Slammed for ‘Staged’ Photoshoot at TJ Maxx

Erika Girardi

YouTube/Bravo Erika Girardi

It may be expensive to be Erika Girardi, but it’s not expensive to shop at TJ Maxx.

On September 15, 2021, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was caught by Page Six shopping at TJ Maxx along with her assistant. However, some people aren’t buying it, namely Ronald Richards, who is an attorney currently investigating the bankruptcy case of Girardi Keese.

“Offer for attorneys fee free of reparation & return of payments shall expire in 24 hours,” Richards wrote on Twitter on September 16, 2021, referencing the settlement deal that he publicly offered the star earlier this month. “Instead of creating staged press outings at TJ Maxx, just return some of the $. No one drives to Pasadena when the closest TJ Maxx is 2.5 miles from the luxury rental. Locals would know!”

In response to Richards’ tweet, many “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans seemed to agree about the photos possibly being staged. “Definitely because without makeup no one would’ve recognized her and she had a mask on,” one user wrote. “So clearly this was definitely staged.” Another fan agreed, writing, “I agree!!! That is definitely staged!!! #RHOB.”

“She’s not fooling anyone,” another user chimed in.

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Girardi Has Responded to the Criticism

On September 15, 2021, the same day she was spotted at TJ Maxx, Girardi took to Twitter to shut down the trolls. “Shopping at TJMAXX… with you assistant?” one user wrote to the star. “Optics EJ… you are smarter than this… this is NOT winning!”

In response, Girardi shut the fan down, writing, “I shopped there for years. I also went to Petco and Target. Stop overanalyzing my life.”

This is not the first time that Girardi has blasted the haters on her various social media platforms. Just recently, on September 1, Girardi tweeted to her followers, “Y’all dumb b***** with the conspiracy theories will keep at it alll night. Check back in the AM…”

Girardi Is Expected to Talk About Her Legal Drama During the Upcoming ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Reunion

Being accused of taking staged photos at TJ Maxx might be the least of Girardi’s worries right now. According to host Andy Cohen, Girardi faced the music and opened up about “everything” involving her ongoing legal issues and divorce from her husband Tom Girardi.

“The drama kept coming up because there were tentacles of the drama that involved all the other ladies,” Cohen said during a September 13, 2021 episode of his radio show on SiriusXM, Andy Cohen Live. “I will say, we did a big chunk of her marital drama earlier in the day, and the last 90 minutes was a spirited conversation about the case and what’s going on.”

Cohen continued about Girardi, “She answers everything… the viewers had amazing questions, and I feel that we represented the tenor of what the viewers were feeling. I thought it was fascinating, it was engaging, it was surprising. We spoke about everything.”

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