Fans Think Erika Jayne Is Faking Drunk Antics & ‘Avoiding’ Her Storyline

Erika Jayne.

Getty Images Erika Jayne is being criticized on social media.

The new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is underway and, so far, Erika Jayne’s storyline hasn’t been much to write home about.

The season started off with everyone very dialed in to Dorit Kemsley’s home invasion and has shifted to some drama between the women, including Sutton Stracke. In more recent episodes, Erika has been letting loose a bit, drinking and having a good time for herself. However, some “Real Housewives” fans aren’t impressed.

Despite Erika’s ongoing legal issues, she hasn’t talked too much about what’s going on in her life off-camera, which is a far cry from what fans have seen in the past. Now, fans are debating whether or not Erika’s drunk antics are legit — and are wondering if she’s “avoiding” her storyline.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHOBH Fans Criticized Erika for ‘Pretending’ to Be Drunk

As viewers have tuned in to RHOBH week after week, many have been wondering why Erika seems to have taken a backseat to the drama. Several fans seem to think that she’s putting on an act to avoid talking about her real-life issues.

“It is so insulting that we’re all expected to believe that any of her antics are real. It’s like this woman doesn’t have a genuine bone in her body. This is all just a mask to avoid addressing what’s actually going on in her life and Kyle is REALLY trying hard to push this agenda for her. Like stfu Kyle honestly no one cares how loose she’s pretending to be. It’s not cute, it’s not fun,” one person wrote.

“She’s taking a page from the Kathy Hilton book. Try to be the ‘wacky’ housewife and hopefully no one will pay attention to what an awful person you’ve been,” someone else added.

“This and the wanting cookies for breakfast monologue is what convinced me she’s acting this up BIG TIME – no one gets that wasted and lays down like this, she would be giving Jennifer from RHONJ at the pool party barely being able to stand up, not sprawling on a lounge saying weird shit about her old life,” a third Redditor suggested.

“I figured she was faking when she’s slurring all of her words but walked perfectly fine up those stairs in around the chair to sit down at the table. Now I stumble or even slamming into anything,” another Redditor said.

Erika Made Headlines for Speaking Inappropriately to Garcelle Beauvais’ Son

Erika has made waves on RHOBH — though she does blame a mix of alcohol and medication for what happened.

On the July 6, 2022, episode of RHOBH, Erika told Beauvais’ 14-year-old son Jax to “get the f*** out of here” when he went to pick up a floral arrangement that was on a table near where Erika had been sitting. Understandably, this greatly upset Beauvais who promptly confronted Erika.

“I understand we were all having a good time at my birthday party. I understand that your liquor level was beyond. Under no circumstances, though, can you disrespect not only a kid, but my kid,” Beauvais said to Erika, according to People magazine.

Erika agreed that what she said was wrong and offered Beauvais an apology.

“Here’s the thing: I’ve had a change in medication, so it makes me tired and then it makes me spike and stuff like that. And it’s new, so, that’s what you’re seeing. But at your party, I had a few too many sneaky margaritas,” she explained.


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