Erika Jayne Ripped for Caption About ‘Criminals’

Erika Jayne

Bravo Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne is a divisive figure on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and some of her social media posts have picked up a lot of criticisms from fans. A recent photo posted by the “Pretty Mess” singer was no different, as Bravo fans ripped Jayne for the photo itself as well as the caption.

Jayne, 51, posted a photo of herself with her co-stars Lisa Rinna, 59, and Diana Jenkins, 49, as they sat outdoors on their recent trip to Hawaii. In the photo, Jenkins was in the forefront wearing an orange halter dress and a hat, while Rinna wore a slip dress paired with big hoop earrings. Jayne, who was standing in the back, wore a multi-colored top with long sleeves and had her hair tied up.

Jayne shared the picture with the caption, “The Shelbys,” along with a series of emojis including a knife emoji. Rinna also shared the same photo with the caption, “By order of The Peaky F****** Blinders.” Here is Jayne’s post:

Both women referenced the hit drama “Peaky Blinders,” with Rinna’s caption quoting an iconic line from the show while Jayne’s caption was referencing “The Shelbys,” the last name of the family leading the Peaky Blinders gang.

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There Were a Lot of Criticisms About the Photo in the Comments of Jayne & Rinna’s Posts

Fans were quick to react to the two women’s Instagram posts. Someone commented, “All 3 messy.” Another said, “The thirst buckets !!” Someone else wrote, “The three thirsty amigos” while another commenter wrote, “More like the three stooges.” One person said, “Probably a better name for this … hard pass …..” Another said, “The has beens.” Someone commented, “Sloppy x 3.”

A few people ridiculed Jayne, with someone saying, “@theprettymess look like she be creeping back there! hahaha.” Another wrote on Rinna’s post, “Jesus Erika, why would you post this picture? You look like you’re attending to your grandkids.” Someone else said, “Oh my lol, Erika shoved to the back.”

Several people referenced the “Peaky Blinders,” with someone saying the main character “Thomas Shelby would be insulted.” Another person wrote, “Don’t disgrace Peaky Blinders !!” Someone commented, “Giant eyeroll. So.. a thug, an addict and one written off fifth season,” in reference to several of the main Shelby family members.

There were several comments on Rinna’s post that echoed the comments on Jayne’s post. “No shade, but the Peaky Blinders like women with integrity,” someone said. Another commented, “Clearly never watched peaky blinders.” Someone said, “I thought the Pinky Blinders were criminals! Interesting.” Another wrote, “You’re not as cunning or devious as the Peaky f****** Blinders love, nor as cool.”

The Photo Was Taken in Hawaii Where the 3 Women Vacationed Before Jayne Was Hit With a New Lawsuit While Landing at the Airport

The photo was taken in Hawaii where Jayne traveled with Rinna and Jenkins in late July. However, on their way home from the trip, Jayne was hit with a new lawsuit as she was served at the Los Angeles airport after landing.

A video began circulating on social media showing the “Pretty Mess” singer getting served with a $55 million racketeering lawsuit.

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