‘Judged’ Erika Jayne Is Under Fire

Erika Jayne

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Erika Jayne has often been the target of criticism from fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the last couple of seasons and a recent interview about her decision to keep using her glam team has gotten her in hot water once more.

In an interview shared on Bravo TV, Jayne explained why she still spends on glam despite her tricky financial situation and said she doesn’t think her decision should be judged. In the June 15 episode of RHOBH as the cast traveled to Mexico for a trip, Jayne said in an interview, “You can downsize, and we’ve downsized, right?” in reference to her new home.

“Certain things you don’t downsize on, and that’s your glam,” she added. “Fashion, hair, makeup: To me, it’s art, living art, and I enjoy that. And it shouldn’t be judged any other way. Nobody judges if people want to have big families. I want to buy a bunch of clothes.”

Jayne wasn’t the only RHOBH member who had a glam team on the trip to Mexico, but one cast member, Crystal Kung Minkoff, had a different opinion. “I don’t even want to pay for my own hotel room,” she shared. “I’m not trying to pay for other people’s [rooms] and their flights and their food and paying them. I can just put on some lip gloss and I’m good. I would just never travel with glam. Why spend the money? It’s ridiculous.”

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Fans Were Very Critical of Jayne’s Comments About Paying for Glam

The Bravo article about Jayne’s interview was shared on Reddit, where fans were quick to blast Jayne for her comments. One person wrote, “LOLLL but you have a $2.2 million tax bill you can’t pay???” One person said, “She tried to compare it to having a big family. Like, b****, huh?”

Someone wrote, “She cant figure out how to put on a decent face of makeup and straighten her hair? I could go to beauty school 5x over for what she pays her glam squad in a single month.” Another added, “watch some YouTube, Instagram, TikTok tutorials.” Another commenter wrote, “It’s almost like she has nothing to offer but glam.”

One fan trolled Jayne, “Could you imagine paying 40k on glam to wear sweats?” Another wrote, “She spent all that money to look like my mom in a kaftan and ski sunglasses.” One person said, “Just learn to put your own makeup on idiot.” One person said, “This nasty b**** literally finds new ways to be more horrible. How does she do it? It’s incredible. Like read the f****** room.”

Someone said, “Simultaneously claiming she’s unable to pay her $2mil tax debt,” in reference to a recent report by People. One person said, “I feel complicit and gross watching her. I hope it’s her last season.” Another agreed, “Erika is not even fun to hate watch at this point anymore. Just an all around negative disgusting vulture of human being.”

Many fans took issue with Jayne’s comment that she shouldn’t be judged, with one person writing, “It should be judged especially since her lewks are getting fugglier and fugglier.” Someone else said, “Oh, it definitely should be judged in this circumstance.” One person wrote, “yes b**** I’m judging you.”

According to a Recent Report, Jayne Claimed That She’s Unable to Pay Her $2.2 Million Tax Bill

People reported on June 16 that Jayne recently filed a declaration in Los Angeles County in which she claimed to be unable to pay her 2019 California state taxes. The publication wrote that the amount owing is $2,226,985.77.

The documents obtained by the outlet stated that Jayne is “in the midst of trying to figure out the basis of this tax bill with the assistance of my business manager, who is also an accountant.” The RHOBH star also summarized her own assets in the filing.

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