Bravo Alum on Erika Jayne: ‘How Is She Still on This Show?’

Erika Jayne

Getty Erika Jayne

In June 2022, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne was ordered to hand over diamond earrings given to her by her estranged husband, former lawyer Tom Girardi, as reported by Us Weekly. The publication shared that Law360 reported Judge Barry Russell asserted “settlement funds from the trust account created for a class action handled by Thomas’ firm Girardi Keese were used to pay for the diamond earrings.” Jayne’s attorney released a statement to Us Weekly regarding the situation, which read,

The lawsuit is another misguided attempt to blame Erika for actions of Tom Girardi and others of which she had no knowledge and in which she had no involvement. The truth, if it matters, was recently summarized by Bankruptcy Judge Russell: ‘From my standpoint, I accept what she has said. That given the nature of what I know about the case, just strictly from this case, I don’t think – to say it’s unlikely that she was aware of any of the shenanigans going on would be an understatement.’

In RHOBH season 12, episode 17, which was filmed in early 2022, Jayne told her co-stars Crystal Kung Minkoff and Garcelle Beauvais that she would keep the $750,000 earrings until she was legally required to not have ownership of them. When Minkoff stated she “would give it up,” Jayne replied, “Why because you could look good?” The 39-year-old also asserted that “all [she] think[s] about are victims.” 

“I don’t give a f*** about anyone else but me,” responded Jayne. 

During a September 2022 episode of her podcast, “The Rick and Kelly Show,” co-hosted by her husband, Rick Leventhal, former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd spoke about the RHOBH season 12, episode 17 scene. 

Kelly Dodd Shared Her Thoughts About the Scene on Her Podcast 

Kelly Dodd

GettyKelly Dodd

While recording the podcast episode, Dodd shared that she had an issue with Jayne’s reactions. 

“Her attitude and her defensiveness is what is icky to me,” said Dodd. 

The RHOC alum also questioned why Jayne has continued to star on RHOBH after stating that she only cares about herself. 

“How is this lady still on, like public opinion, like how is she still on this show? That right there is so self-absorbed, so self-centered, so gross,” asserted Dodd. 

She also shared she believed that by keeping the earrings, Jayne had “blood on her hands.”

Erika Jayne Discussed Her Comments Toward Crystal Kung Minkoff in a May 2022 Interview 

Erika Jayne

GettyErika Jayne

Jayne addressed her comments toward Minkoff during RHOBH season 12, episode 17 in a May 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight. She asserted that her heated remarks were a result of “pure frustration.”

“I’d like for the audience to keep in mind context in which it was said, and you can only advocate for yourself and take the high road for so long and try to be, you know, humble and soft. And then when you’re continuously pushed back and called names, then you go, ‘you know what, I’m not being heard,’ and you get frustrated with that, and so that’s why you hear the frustration and the anger in my voice,” shared Jayne. 

New episodes of RHOBH air Wednesdays on Bravo. 

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Rebecca Miranda
Rebecca Miranda
13 days ago

They need to leave Erika alone! They are going after her because they really can’t get to Tom. These were crimes that Tom and his law firm committed NOT ERIKA! I think she has handled this situation quite well!! I can’t imagine being in her shoes. I absolutely love watching her on RHOBH and the show would suffer without her

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