Erika Jayne Leaks Alleged Texts of Husband Cheating

Erika Jayne

Getty Erika Jayne in 2019

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika “Jayne” Girardi leaked alleged text messages claiming that her husband, Tom Girardi, was cheating on her. Jayne also named the alleged mistress, Justice Tricia A. Bigelow, writing that he allegedly paid for her plastic surgery and her bill at the department store Saks Fifth Avenue.

In these alleged text messages, Jayne showed what Bigelow was reputedly writing to her husband. One message reads, “Tonight was fantastic. Really. But it would be a whole lot better if I were f***ing you.” Another reads, “Miss you babe. Makeup sex?”

On November 3, Jayne announced her divorce from Girardi after 21 years of marriage. “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi,” Girardi told E! News at the time. “This is not a step taken lightly or easily. I have great love and respect for Tom and for our years and the lives we built together.”

Heavy has reached out to Bigelow for comment, as well as Girardi and Jayne.

News Recently Surfaced That Tom Girardi Was Cheating on Erika Jayne

Jayne’s posting of the alleged text messages come after recent reports that Girardi was allegedly cheating on Jayne. On December 18, a source close to the couple told People that, “The reason she divorced Tom is because he was cheating on her with multiple women.” The source also added that Jayne had “known about his infidelity for years.”

“When she was performing her last week on Broadway, he left her high and dry and was frolicking around town instead of supporting her and attending her shows,” the source told People. “She realized she would never be a priority to him and that was her breaking point.”

The source continued, claiming that it wasn’t the current lawsuits that had sparked the couple’s divorce. “The split was a long time coming. The lawsuit just coincided with her decision to leave him,” the source said.

Currently, Girardi is facing fraud and embezzlement charges. Since they’ve been accused, Girardi and his law firm, Girardi & Keese, have had their assets frozen and are being held in civil contempt, according to People.

Fans Criticized Erika Jayne for Leaking the Alleged Texts

On Twitter, Jayne faced backlash for posting the alleged text messages and putting the alleged mistress on blast. Some fans felt like Jayne was trying to distract from the current lawsuits going on. One user wrote, “Erika Jayne can shove her ‘receipts’ right up her fake, lying arse. Cute stunt to try and make herself look the victim but that ain’t going to do much for the actual victims who will never see all that money her and her husband embezzled.”

Another user wrote on Twitter, “It’s clear that Erika is trying to dissociate herself from Tom and to affirm reason for divorce since they were both accused of fraud. I ain’t buying her affair story.”

One person even said that they were “offended” by the posts. “Okay I’m a little offended that Erika Jayne thinks everyone is dumb enough to believe she just discovered this 2011 affair while conveniently having those s***tty screenshots of the dinosaur phone,” the user wrote on Twitter. “This is not new information to her. And where are Tom’s responses?!”

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