Real Housewives Star Divorcing Husband Because of Infidelity

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As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika “Jayne” Girardi once said, “Everyone needs a little Erika Jayne in their lives.” Well, actually, maybe everyone except for Tom Girardi.

In the early hours of December 19, 2020, news spread across social media that Erika Jayne has posted and deleted alleged text messages and photos of her husband to and from an alleged mistress. Jayne named the mistress as a Judge Tricia A. Bigelow.

And, according to a report by People, the reason that Jayne wants to get a divorce is not because of Girardi’s legal issues, it’s because he allegedly cheated on her. A source close to the couple recently told People, “The reason she divorced Tom is because he was cheating on her with multiple women.” According to the source, Jayne has “known about his infidelity for years,” but was working towards “saving” their marriage.

“When she was performing her last week on Broadway, he left her high and dry and was frolicking around town instead of supporting her and attending her shows,” the source told People. “She realized she would never be a priority to him and that was her breaking point.”

The source continued, insisting that it wasn’t the current lawsuits that sparked the couple’s divorce. “The split was a long time coming. The lawsuit just coincided with her decision to leave him,” the source said.

The Girardi’s Have Been Accused of Embezzling Money

Recently, the Girardi’s have been subject to multiple lawsuits. Earlier this month, they were accused of embezzling money. According to E!, Edelson PC, a law firm based in Illinois, is suing the couple for allegedly embezzling money from a settlement fund for relatives of the Lion Air plane crash that happened in October 2018. The flight crashed into the Java Sea and killed all 189 passengers on board.

Since they’ve been accused, Girardi and his law firm, Girardi & Keese, have had their assets frozen and are being held in civil contempt, according to People. Girardi was also recently sued by his law partner, Robert Keese, and his business partners, as they claim that Girardi never paid them their share of the money that he owed them from their partnership.

Erika Jayne Announced Her Divorce in November

In November 2020, Jayne announced her divorce from Tom Girardi. “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi,” Girardi told E! News on November 3. “This is not a step taken lightly or easily. I have great love and respect for Tom and for our years and the lives we built together.”

Girardi continued, “It is my absolute wish to proceed through this process with respect and with the privacy that both Tom and I deserved. I request others give us that privacy as well.”

Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans found Jayne’s divorce announcement shocking, as she has always defended her marriage while being on the show. “I’m tired of having to justify my 20-year marriage. Go get a 20-year marriage and then come f—king talk to me,” Jayne said during season 10 of the show, according to Us Weekly. “It’s great to have financial support. But having someone’s emotional support is something that I wish I had more of growing up.”

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