Erin Lichy’s Name Gets Thrown Into Drama on Live TV

Erin Lichy

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“The Real Housewives of New York City” star Ubah Hassan previously teased her fight with co-star Erin Lichy on the cast trip to Anguilla in an August 24 interview with Entertainment Tonight, and now in a September 10 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, Hassan threw out her assessment of Lichy, and the rest of their RHONY castmates, during a shady game called “Ubah Hot and Not”.

During the game, host Andy Cohen asked Hassan to list a “Hot” and “Not” about each of her castmates, and for Lichy, Hassan shared, “Erin, she has the most amazing laugh, she’s a lot of fun to go out with, she’s a s***-stirrer.”

Ubah Hassan Says She Goes from ‘Butter Knife’ to ‘Machete’ During Anguilla Fight With Erin Lichy

Hassan has had a good relationship with Lichy throughout the first nine episodes of RHONY season 14, even defending her after Lichy was upset with Brynn Whitfield for making flirtatious jokes with her husband Abe Lichy during Erin and Abe’s 10-year anniversary party earlier in the season.

In the midseason sneak peek released in August 2023, however, Hassan and Lichy appear to get into a fight while on the cast trip to Anguilla, with one clip showing Lichy saying, “Shut up! Shut your f***ing mouth, you’re such a bitch!” and Hassan responding, “No, no, you are a bitch!”

In her August interview with Entertainment tonight, Hassan opened up to the outlet about the upcoming fight scene, saying, “People know that I’m a butter knife. I don’t usually cut. I’m a knife that cuts only room-temperature butter. When I’m poked properly, I do turn into a machete, and I think that’s what happened in Anguilla. Don’t poke the bear.”

Hassan said that while her and Lichy were eventually able to mend fences, the pair’s fight put her in a bad mood that she wasn’t able to shake. “I just woke up, I was, like, a bitch!” Hassan said, “I was not talking to anyone, you know, one of those days. Some days, it’s just, stay away from me … I need to make myself better, but in Anguilla, I couldn’t do that, right? We’re in the same house and I think I mentioned her name or something, and she said, ‘Don’t mention my name…’ and I said, ‘Oh, you are here?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, don’t ever mention my name again,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, this is not gonna work.’ This is not gonna work. Don’t talk to me like that…’ and, yeah, then I just saw black for, like, nine hours.”

Hassan Weighs in on the Rest of Her Castmates

Lichy wasn’t the only RHONY star that Hassan spoke about in the “Ubah Hot and Not” game, with Cohen having her give an assessment on the rest of the main cast as well.

Starting with Sai de Silva, Hassan said, “Sai, she’s fashionable. She’s a great mom, she’s a lot of fun, that’s hot. Not so hot, she’s not very in tune with her emotions.”

When asked about Jenna Lyons, Hassan told Cohen, “Jenna is very sweet, is very kind, but she’s in too much of a control. Live a little, Jenna.”

Hassan had to pause and gather her thoughts before speaking about Jessel Taank, eventually answering with, “Jessel is the best DJ. She’s a very good DJ. But she needs to be nicer to her husband.”

Cohen ended the game by asking Hassan about Whitfield, with the model saying, “Brynn is really smart, very intelligent. I don’t do any contracts until I talk to Brynn. But she uses her smartness sometimes in not-so-nice ways.”

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