Fans Criticize Gina Kirschenheiter for Her Behavior in RHOC Season 16

Gina Kirschenheiter

Getty Gina Kirschenheiter is photographed in 2019.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter had her fair share of issues with her castmate Shannon Beador during the show’s sixteenth season. However, during the season 16 finale, Kirschenheiter and Beador had a heart-to-heart and seemed to forgive each other while in a boutique in Aspen, Colorado. 

The 37-year-old also took issue with Noella Bergener, who joined the show’s cast during season 16. In season 16, episode 16, an inebriated Kirschenheiter got upset with Bergener for not remembering the name of her friend, Tatiana Beene. She also shared that she was frustrated with Beador for being supportive of Bergener. When Beador reminded Kirschenheiter that the former model’s father had recently passed away, she responded that “s*** happens to everybody.”

On April 15, a Reddit user took to the Real Housewives Bravo subreddit to share that they were unhappy with Kirschenheiter’s behavior throughout season 16. They asserted that “Gina has been unbearable to watch on screen this season,” even though she “was the screen sweetheart of the past seasons.”

“Moving forward to present season, I think Gina felt she is so well liked that she could do no harm and kind of say and do whatever and get away with it. If she says Shannon and Noella and not liked, others will believe her. She tries to be funny and cute on her screen time, but I have just found her really irritating almost like a child that is trying to justify their actions that are wrong, and just doesn’t make sense. Her whole anti-Noella shtick has been sickening to pursue when Noella has been in her literal lowest point in her life. She doesn’t even try to fake kindness to her during her time in grief. I think it’s really sad to see someone who has gone through hardship to not lend the same support and uplifting vibes to others going through hard times, like how Shannon does,” read a portion of the post. 

Reddit Users Revealed They Had Issues With Gina Kirschenheiter

Many commenters shared that they also took issue with Kirschenheiter’s behavior. 

As someone who always really liked Gina this was a rough season,” wrote a commenter

“Filing a parents death under ‘s*** happens’ is a repugnant thing to say and she owes Noella and apology. She was terrible all season! I started not caring for Noella but that last episode made me feel so bad for her. Like d***, just let her get it off her chest!” added another

“I think Gina is a social climber and none of us saw it before because she was climbing onto Shannon- who at the point where Gina met her, was far from the ultra rich woman we had all met. But Heather [Dubrow] comes in- with her McMansion- and Gina promptly dumps Shannon as soon as she can to get into Heather’s good graces. I don’t think Gina realized she’s the villain of the show, she still thinks she the Greek Chorus,” asserted a different person

“I totally agree with you. I also feel like she really needs her spot on the show now and was grasping for storyline no matter how low down it was. She aligned herself with the person she thought would help her secure that spot (Heather) but didn’t realize how much they would both be unliked by the viewers. Their behavior was abhorrent to watch and really turned me off this season. Emily [Simpson] and Jen [Armstrong] were added to the list of meh,” commented a Bravo fan

“I really cannot enjoy watching her. It gives me anxiety. She does not bring anything to the show anymore—no lifestyle porn, no storyline, no humor. Its like watching one of my friends trying desperately to be a housewife,” shared a fifth person

Gina Kirschenheiter Spoke About Snapping at Noella Bergener

During an April episode of the “RHOC After Show,” Kirschenheiter explained why she had an intense reaction towards Bergener for forgetting Beene’s name. 

“I snapped at Noella, I actually did feel really bad about that… I didn’t just snap at Noella, I snapped at Jen. I was just snapping at everybody. Emily had to like put me to bed and I think it was all misdirected, built-up anger that I had towards Shannon that I should have just addressed probably at the beginning of the trip. But see, that’s why I address things like before I even sit down because I got to get it out,” stated the reality television personality. 

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