Fans Slam Dorinda Medley’s Behavior on RHUGT

Dorinda Medley

Getty Dorinda Medley is photographed in 2020.

“Real Housewives of New York City” alum Dorinda Medley joined the cast of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” for its second season. In “RHUGT” season 2, episode 1, the reality television star stated she was not fired from “RHONY” and asserted that she was “put on pause.” She also revealed she is afraid of being “irrelevant,” but clarified that she did not mean in terms of reality television. 

On June 25, a Reddit user took to the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit to share their thoughts on Medley’s behavior on “RHUGT.” 

“Dorinda is OBSESSED and is desperate to be back on the show! I didn’t realize it before, but I think Dorinda deep down really wants to be back on RHONY and is missing the camera, its why she’s so controlling, she wants to have a the perfect season and look really good so she can go back on the show,” read the post. 

Several commenters shared their opinions about Medley. 

“Dorinda is too angry. she seems to think this UGT means she is back. She need some humbleness,” wrote a commenter

“Not even ‘deep down!’ Dorinda definitely doesn’t want to be ‘on pause’ and wants to be back on RH, for sure,” added another

“Exactly—nothing deep about it. She’s reeling of desperation to be a housewife again. Even more than Tamra [Judge]!” agreed a different person

“Her confessionals are too much and it’s like she’s deemed herself honorary producer of the cast. It’s great she’s hosting everyone but that shouldn’t give her total control of everything that plays out. Seems like she is taking everyone being on her turf to her power,” chimed in a fourth Reddit user

“I mean it was refreshing at first to see her in good spirits excited to the host the women, but it’s became very clear that she’s now just trying to be the mom/boss of the group and it’s gotten old,” shared a Bravo fan.

Reddit Users Disapproved of Dorinda Medley’s Behavior 

A different Reddit user started a separate thread on the Real Housewives subreddit about Medley on “RHUGT” season 2. 

“I’ll admit that I was all for Dorinda, years ago. Then, I have her the benefit of the doubt for UGT, after seeing her spiral into some vile space. But… what is even happening here? I’m catching up and 30 minutes into UGT, and it’s almost sad.. and gross,” wrote the commenter.

Many Reddit users agreed with the original poster in the comments section. 

“Giving her the power to ‘host’ rhugt2 seems to have only made her worse from the past, and she had some cruel days in ny. Some of her attitude and comments in the first three episodes though seem like she woefully failed a test she was given to see if she could come back. She mostly just seems mean now. Like bitter and mean. But she’s only on ‘pause’! Weird,” commented a Reddit user

“With Dorinda not only is she an awful drunk, but when she is ‘sober’ in her confessionals she doubles down on EVERYTHING she said/did even if she is just completely wrong… never any remorse,” added a different person

“Ugh, I hate Dorindas confessions. It’s so obvious that’s she thinks she’s hilarious and she’s not. It’s high key cringe,” shared an “RHUGT” viewer

Dorinda Medley Spoke About Filming on Her Property

During a June 2022 interview on the “Everything Iconic” podcast, Medley shared that she found filming “RHUGT” at her Blue Stone Manor to be exhausting. She revealed after production wrapped on the series she “cried” and visited her mother. She also suggested she felt overwhelmed by the number of people in her Massachusetts home. 

“You add eight girls, Blue Stone Manor, some of them that get it, some of that don’t, some of them that are being very disrespectful, me taking on this hosting job, which I really — four days into it, I went to one of the producers, I said, ‘I really don’t want to do this anymore, I think I made a mistake,’” stated the reality television personality with a laugh. 

The mother of one clarified that she would be willing to film at Blue Stone Manor again. 

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