Fans Slam Lisa Rinna for Interaction With Sutton Stracke

Lisa Rinna Sutton Stracke

Getty/Bravo Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke

In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 8, Diana Jenkins and Sutton Stracke had an intense conversation at Garcelle Beauvais’ 55th birthday party. The “RHOBH” co-stars exchanged insults during the discussion. For instance, Jenkins calls Stracke “fake” as well as “frail and old.” Stracke asserted that the 49-year-old was “a soulless person” and an “m***********.” 

In “RHOBH” season 12, episode 9, Jenkins neglected to inform Stracke that she would not be attending her lunch party. After the Georgia native asserted that Jenkins’ behavior was “passive aggressive,” Lisa Rinna replied, “well that’s the pot calling the kennel black isn’t it.” When Stracke stated that she is not passive-aggressive, Rinna disagreed and referenced her comments towards Jenkins during their argument at Beauvais’ party. 

On June 5, a Reddit user shared the scene on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit

Bravo Fans Shared Their Opinions About Lisa Rinna

Several Bravo fans shared their thoughts about Rinna and Stracke’s interaction in the post’s comments section. 

“Lord help me, Rinna needs to shut the h*** up. I can’t stand her for another minute. I really won’t watch next season if she is recast,” wrote a commenter

“Technically calling Diana a Mother F**** is pretty d*** straight forward lol. Say what you want about Sutton, she has her bad days as well, but i appreciate she is unapologetically herself and will stand up for herself and go against the opinions of others. It what makes a good housewife, whether you agree with them or not. At least shes solid and owns what she says and does,” added another

“I don’t think Sutton is passive aggressive but if she is, at least she’s passive. Lisa is just downright aggressive. Who attacks the host like that? And for what? Diana? What a f****** tragic hill to die on. TRAGIC,” stated a different person

“I’m always so impressed by Rinnas commitment to being on the wrong side EVERY TIME!” shared an “RHOBH” viewer

“I AM SO SICK OF RINNA,” commented a social media user

“So Diana is too sick to notify the host she isn’t attending, but she can FaceTime Rinna. That’s plain old rude. It’s super easy to send a text apologising for your absence. Has anyone noticed that with the last few ‘friends’ that Rinna has brought to the show, she’s gone after them? But now, she isn’t with Diana. It’s a game. Having fights with friends gives her a storyline each season, she gets to claim that she’s keeping people accountable by going after ‘friends’ but never calls out Erika [Jayne], and now she’s brought Diana in the bolster her numbers in their alliance. Does Rinna think this is a remake of Mean Girls?” chimed in a sixth commenter

“Lol Rinna is so stupid she can’t understand the word passive? Calling someone soulless and a m********** to their FACE is just plain aggressive and I love it,” asserted another.

 Sutton Stracke Shared How She Has Changed Since Joining ‘RHOBH’

While speaking to OK! Magazine in May 2022, Stracke shared how she has evolved since joining the “RHOBH” cast during its tenth season. 

“I’ve learned so much doing the show — for the first season, I mean I was so meek, I feel like during my first season and really learning from the other women,” shared the 50-year-old. “And then, I kind of found my voice last year and learned not to be afraid to voice your opinion even if you’re wrong. It’s okay, you can be wrong in your opinion. But getting your opinion out and be willing to have the discourse is okay. And this season I’ve learned that also I can be wrong a lot and I can also learn to be a better friend. I also am learning I think for this season for me personally, how to juggle how to be a mother, run a business, and be a good friend all at the same time.”

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E Fabry
E Fabry
2 months ago

Some fans? Does Rinna actually have fans?
Diana and Rinna are both soulless.

2 months ago

Rinna doesn’t know anything but what Diana said which was Diana’s take of the truth. She didn’t give the reason why Sutton said what she said. Diana wants to be the ‘villian’ but she’s just an a$$ playing a role in her own life. Diana acts stoned most of the time, just sits there and licks her lips. Sutton was being sincere then Kyle felt she needed to tell Sutton what & what not to say. Kyle needs to keep her mouth shut. Rinna needs to keep her mouth shut. And someone needs to give Diana something to keep her from her lip licking. This season seems to be everyone ‘The Mean Girls” against Sutton & Garcelle. Sutton & Garcelle must be proud that who they are as people seems to be so threatening to all the other ladies which is making Rinna, et al so destructive in their words and actions. Rinna needs to keep her asinine remarks to herself as she is losing fans by the handfuls every week. She only has 15 items on QVC at this time, does that mean she no longer is carried on QVC? What is happening with her line now?

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