Former Housewife Yolanda Hadid Blasts RHOBH When Asked About Return

Yolanda Hadid

Jelink Yolanda Hadid didn't have a good time appearing on RHOBH.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Hadid slammed the show she was once on.

While appearing on a Dutch television show “Jinek”, Hadid was asked about her time on RHOBH and she did not hold anything back.

Here’s what you need to know:

Yolanda Hadid Says Rewatching Herself on RHOBH Is ‘Horrible to Look at’ & ‘It Wasn’t a Good Experience for Me’

“This is horrible to look at,” Hadid says when a clip of the show was brought up on the screen.

“But it was fun to join, right?” the host of Jinek asked her.

“Well, no. I didn’t like it,” she said. “It wasn’t a good experience for me.”

Hadid glances at the screen again and continues. “I think that women shouldn’t treat each other this way. I don’t think we should treat each other like this. It’s kind of an insult to our intelligence, to be honest.”

The host asks if Hadid would turn down an opportunity to return to the show if asked.

“No,” she says repeatedly. Another host says she had thought the show was “scripted and fake” to which Hadid responds, “no.”

“I was really sick at that time,” she said. “in the first month of the show, I got Lyme disease. I felt really sick, but then I’m a real Dutchie: pull up the bootstraps and keep going. My Lyme disease journey took place during the show, for which I received a lot of criticism. And these women …”

The host asked if Hadid was still in contact with the women from the show, but she ignored the question and continued on with her previous thought.

“Lisa Rinna said ‘Yolanda looks so beautiful, she got Munchausen disease.’ I was dying on the inside, but I looked okay on the outside.”

The host asks again, “They aren’t your girlfriends anymore?”

Hadid replied, “No, I talk with none of them. I don’t look at it anymore. I had to leave Los Angeles and needed some rest at my farm in Pennsylvania. But it’s such a successful show. From famous actors to actresses addressing me on the streets. Oprah for example asked me ‘Is that really true?'”

Hadid Returned to Social Media After a 9-Month Hiatus: ‘This Has Been a Wonderful Reset, Time to Break the Habit of Picking up My Phone 50 Times a Day’

Hadid had recently made a return to social media after a long hiatus and addressed her initial reason for departure.

Only July 31, after a nine-month break, Hadid returned with a lengthy post.

“After the loss of my mother i really struggled with depression followed by a lyme relapse…. the emotional stress and grief strongly effected my immune system,” she wrote. “My phone addiction didn’t help either, it started to take so much time away from being present in my life. Its so easy to get lost in other peoples stories while forgetting to live and love your own. texting is so much easier then picking up the phone and calling someone. we are all guilty of it.I realized that we are slowly starting to lose the art of communication and its creating a deep loneliness within us.”

The timing of her departure initially occurred when reports of her daughter’s husband, Zayn Malik got physical with Yolanda and called her a “Dutch slut” amid his break-up with Bella Hadid.

She did not address any of that in her return message.

“This has been a wonderful reset, time to break the habit of picking up my phone 50 times a day. Learning to focus on myself, my health journey and being present in this moment of my life. Time has slowed down and feels a lot calmer, more time to just sit and actually read a book, time to reconnect with people, be creative and most importantly time with my family. I am excited to be back and see what you’ve all been up too.”

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